4 comments on “Girls are Hyenas. No such thing as a Girl Code

  1. Wellll
    I know women can be difficult. Women can be bitchy and unnecessarily hard on other women. Some women say or do things and set the progressive movement back by 100, 200 years.

    But I love women. I love to uplift my fellow females, and so does my mom.
    I have amazing female friends who I would not trade for anything or anyone in the world. I totally see what you’re saying, but from my own personal experience, I cannot say women are almost always out for themselves- cos I and the women I know, are not.

    Men are generally more easy going, but this does not really make them better people. It definitely does not mean that every man wants the next man’s progress.

    When girls say things like oh, I don’t like hanging with girls cos they’re bitches, I worry. I need my sisters, you need your sisters. Our relationships can be complicated, but us sisters need to stick together.

    • I was not making an absolute statement. There are wonderful women. Of course men have their issues, no doubt but like you said they are more easy going. While we need to stick together, we cannot ignore the wrong things we do and pretend that it does not exist because we want to form solidarity. The whole article was to debunk the whole girl code belief

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