9 comments on “The ‘me and my husband’ syndrome

  1. You did well Hera. Treating your hubby’s people well, and with respect makes one enjoy the marriage.
    plus there is nothing wrong in trying to tolerate hubby’s family members…..

  2. Nice one there…sometimes wives tend to take over thier husbands totally but u cant rule out our mothers!!!!!!A woman needs to stay close to her mother in-law if she wants her marriage to remain forever

  3. my daddy says love ur husband’s people, dts d first key to marital success. my interpretation of love includes fighting them when they cross d line. my aunt came into the family and her one weapon was food. while the rest of my aunts and my mom see would hoard their food on xmas day, the door to mummy C’s part of the family house remained open and trust everyone trooped there to eat xmas food me inclusive. long story short, inlaws love an open minded woman, learn d secrets to their hearts and attack with all ur might and don’t be afraid to tell them off too. you all can thank me later!

  4. I think it’s ridiculous when women want their mothers-in-law completely out of their husbands’ lives. That woman made your Boo what he is today. That woman held him when he cried, bound his wounds, cooked for him and nursed him when he was ill. For decades! And someday, you will be a mother. You will have a son. And you will be a mother-in-law too. Tell me that you’ll stay away from your own child because of a wife he married. Lol.

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