3 comments on “I told the truth about my brother’s bride and everybody hates me

  1. Oh my! She might be a changed person. Her ‘ever readiness’ might be a thing of the past. What’s done has been done so I won’t bother questioning how it was handled. I think you should have a civil conversation with your brother not a ‘trying to protect him one’. It’s a tough one though. Conversations usually produce better results than quarrels do.

  2. His intention may have been good, his motive, questionable- did he really care about his brother or was his pride hurt? His execution was terrible. What’s done is done. He was wrong and needs to come to that point where he is no longer justifying his actions. Then he needs to humble himself and apologise to all involved and start acting sorry. He needs to trust time & space to heal the wounds.

    She may have changed or maybe not. Time will tell. But he needs to give up his right to be right (is a phyrric victory really a victory?) and let things be.

    My two cents…

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