3 comments on “The title “Mrs”

  1. Marriage is really one big culture in Nigeria that we hv all live 2 embrace. in marriage one need 2 be tolerant, endures d up’s and down of marriage n in no reason should one see marriage as a form of escape from single hood, No matter d age, pls wait 4 ur time n d right person.

  2. Hera, the pressure to get married is very real, leading many into unhappy situations. We can only hope that both ladies find happiness in their relationships. Sometimes marriage is not about hot butterfly-in-the-stomach love, but two people purposefully coming together to build a life and make it work.

    I hope for the day when the message we tell young girls is develop yourself, have a career, own a house, and when you’re ready, get married whether at 25 or 35! And if you don’t want to get married, that’s fine too!

    • Beautifully said. However it is never going to happen. because the ladies complaining of pressure today will be the same one nagging their future daughters or nieces to settle down. It is a continuous cycle. We women are truly our worst enemies

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