What am I doing?

I have always believed that to own a blog, you have to be super cool and super interesting. How else would anyone give a crap about what you have to write. I have always viewed myself as a pretty average lawyer/masters holder/ housewife.(note the subtle way of tooting my own horn) My idea of a super power is eating whatever I like and still having an hour-glass figure.(Not that I have one now, I am as chubby as they come). I constantly obssess about my weight and my butt or lack thereof. My interests range from WWE to hindi movies, greek methodology (that’s where the nickname Hera emanates from), PS and PC games, exercises, fitness and I am yet to meet a wedding site that I didn’t like. Yeah, I am also a hit and miss cook, so I am what you could call “an aspiring chef”. Huge fan of google and cracked.com . If you are a fan of comedy and sarcasm, that’s the site to visit.
So what am I doing? Why am I starting a blog? Last I checked, I didn’t get super cool over night neither did I suddenly become a riveting personality. However, i do know I have some writing skills …..or so I am told. I do have a lot of things going on in my chubby head. I leave you all to form your opinions about my writing skills as long as its positive opinions. If you share any of my above interests, you would find this blog quite interesting…….i hope.
Meanwhile, just enjoy the ride that is Hera Pereira.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lara Pedro says:

    Nice write-up babe.

    1. herapereira says:

      Thank you love

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