That’s a size too small- Big Girls Dressing Badly

Ever walk down the street and see a plus size girl on a dress that is way too tight, emphasizing her folds and large stomach. I am sure we all have. As a plus size girl myself, it saddens me to see them. Some of my friends are guilty of this (I would like to think I am not; but I am sure I may have once or twice worn something too tight, though I can’t remember if i have). Out of respect for them, I wont feature their pictures, but una know unaselves.
bad dressing


The question is why do big girls wear too tight clothes when they are not Kim Kardashian. Some big girls wear small-clothes because they genuinely don’t know that the cloth is too tight and is emphasizing their body flaws. Others are defiant because smaller people are wearing them and they feel if it can enter and not tear, they are good to go. I would like to believe that all plus girls who wear too tight clothes have no idea how unflattering it looks, but come on! That’s why mirrors exist!!!!!! Tight clothes don’t make you look slimmer. It only serves to remind people how big you are.

Course there is the other side of the divide. Wearing too loose clothes. I was guilty of this because I loved the ease the free clothes gave me. A few years back, I didn’t care about fashion. I cared more about comfort. The downside was that everyone thought that I am actually bigger than i was. So if you are a plus size girl, having a closet full of muumuu like clothes is a very bad idea. Try and mix up comfort with style.

So my dear plus size ladies, ease up on the tight clothes. You know when a dress is too small. Try and dress for your size. You know what fits you. Study and understand your body. Dress to what accentuates your best features. There is nothing sexier than a plus size girl who knows how to dress her body. (skinny girls can pull off almost anything, so whatever…. yea i am hating on you skinny girls. Ha!)

fat and fab

big girls dressing nicely

big girls dressing nicely2

Look around. There are many designers that cater to plus size ladies, so look for nice trends. Have fun with clothes……….just make sure they are the right size


Drop a line. Would you tell your plus size friend that she is wearing a wrong dress size?

Wrestling Heartbreak-Reality Bites

Growing up, there were two things that I loved to watch more than anything. WWE and Hindi movies. Like everything I am interested in, my love bordered on obssession. They gave my young heart profound joy, but of course growing older and no thanks to Google and Wikipedia, the memories of my childhood loves have been ruined.

Today, we are going to talk about WWE
I first fell in love with the “sport”, following a family trip to a relative’s home. They were watching a retirement match between Macho Man Randy Savage(with Sherri on his side) and the Ultimate Warrior. After Macho lost the match and was passed out on the floor , Sherri began to hit him in anger. Out came a lady from the crowd who threw Sherri out of the ring. Then came the most emotional reunion ever. I cried. That was my first introduction to Miss Elizabeth.

macho man and elizabeth

Most moment ever. You can check it out on Youtube.

Then I became a fan. I watched every episode, looking out for the loud brash Macho Man and the soft beautiful perfect Miss Elizabeth. Their contrast intrigued me. Eventually, I began to watch the matches.(yeah, I used to skip the matches except theirs) The proposal and the marriage were phenomenal.
m and elizabeth's wedding

In retrospect, if I was watching WCW, I would have saved myself from heartache.

Fast forward to adulthood. After a few years off, i rekindled with my childhood love.Yes by now, I knew wrestling wasn’t real, but mere kayfabe. That hurt, but not as badly as what I found out.

1st shocker – My favourite love story was a sham. Not only were they already married at the time of the dream wedding, but they had divorced. She has remarried and divorced again and then ended up with a loser wrestler who beat her.

lux luger and elizabeth

Yes This Loser!

2nd shocker – My soft beautiful perfect Miss Elizabeth had passed away at the ripe age of 42 in 2003. A medical examiner listed the cause of death as “acute toxicity,” brought on by a mix of painkillers and vodka. Her mother didn’t allow any wrestler at her funeral
On May 2011, Macho Man Randy Savage who had since remarried, also passed away from a heart attack he suffered while driving. He was 58.

Pretty depressing huh? Tissue please.

I know all love stories don’t have happy ending. Who knows the prince might have cheated on Cinderella with one of the step sisters….Snow white may have eloped with one of the dwarves. Life can suck sometimes. I still watch WWE but not with the same intensity.

Cheers to the first couple that introduced me to Love and the Magic of wrestling. May you guys work out in the next life.
miss lizzy ansd Macho

watch the tribute video at

Every food can kill you!!!!

I am very grumpy right now. Why? I am having a sugar craving. Yes, I am on one of my numerous trying to eat healthier plans again. And you know what? it sucks. What an awesome world it will be if we could eat whatever we like, whenever we like, without worrying the health consequences? It seems everyday, there is a new research about how something we like can kill us. So I have come to the conclusion that the cause of all the problems are scientists.

mad scientist

Yes, these guys

Dont get it twisted. I value scientists. They gave me T.V, cellphone, internet, microwave and Playstation. So they are quite awesome. Unfortunately, they have also found every delicious meal to be potentially dangerous. Let’s analyse, shall we?
Rice – Delicious fantastic awesome rice that comes with varieties; a stable meal in many homes… Well, research has shown that there is arsenic in over 60 rice products. (Yes Arsenic, the stuff that one of the women on death row in the Musical ‘Chicago’, used to kill her lover). Now this is not limited to white rice (which already has the dubious reputation of being a ‘bad carb’) but also brown.
Junk food Ice-cream, fuzzy drinks, donuts, french fries, burgers, chocolates and the likes. Let’s list the downside , shall we? high cholesterol….check; high fat content lining your arteries leading to heart disease….check;  high sugar content lowering your bodies ph level….check. Diabetes…..check. Upside. They are freaking delicious. Why is life so hard?
junk food
And even Fruits and Vegetables are not left out of it. No no, Research has shown that at least 40 different pesticides have been detected in apples (don’t forget the worms) and grapes from farms all over the world; 60 pesticides in Celery, strawberry and Peaches; 55 in bell peppers; over 50 in spinach and Lettuce and even 15 pesticides in Milk (yes Milk). Seems the only safe veggie for now is kale, but I am pretty sure that a research would come up soon telling us on how Kale is dangerous.
Salt- Yes this is not a meal , but it is added to most meals, but now this can also kill us. Salt can cause stress; high blood pressure; weakening of bones; affect the kidneys; increase weight; harden the artery; increase uric acid and cause bronchial and lung problem. Crazy right. Not to mention that some foods already have sodium content, so you can’t even say you want to use less salt. Egg which is supposedly awesome for clean eating has a sodium content of 129; Tomatoes have 46 and Spinach (with all the pesticides)has 56.
I am going to stop here because I am getting angrier and sadder. Really, if the scientists keep this up, we shall not be eating food anymore but popping pills. Yeah, I realize that all the research is for our good and make us aware of what we are eating….yada yada yada………….but life with so much restrictions isn’t life. It is bad enough that we have to avoid tasty meals because they are unhealthy, but Science is trying to make the healthy food unhealthy. Not everyone has access to organic food. Again i repeat……….What an awesome world this would be if we can eat without gaining weight or worrying about our health………….
Just drop a line. Let’s hear your thought on the above matter. What meal do you think scientists would never find fault with.

Beat that kid….a little…..

Daughter- Mummy i don’t like you anymore
Mummy-(drops her magazine) Why dear?
Daughter- Because you are always flogging me and Junior all the time.
Mummy- (picks up cane) How dare you? I am going to beat you until you like me.
True story. The lady telling me this was a mother of three. I am a mother of none, so ! didn’t feel I had the authority/experience to voice my opinion, but I never forgot the irony.
Today i read an article on Yahoo. A couple is being called the ‘worst’ parents in the world for disciplining their 13-year-old daughter for making her stand on the highway for 90 minutes with a sign board saying “I’m a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 ‘D’s’ because I DON’T CARE. And I am thinking…..How the hell does that make them bad parents? If many kids came home with 3 Ds, their parents would spank the D out of them until it becomes a B.
Now as a Nigerian, I am an advocate of spanking kids. Kids have the tendency to be bratty and need to be reined in. A quick slap here…… a spank on the butt there…… I am cool with that. I was spanked as a kid. I turned out awesome. My problem is that people tend to overdo it. I see people with scars on their bodies 20 years later. I see kids who resent their folks for the beatings they received as kids. Others become serial killers. (yep! The white kids).There is need to strike a balance between discipline and abuse.Then there are those that don’t do enough or at all. Of course I know many people advocate for this and there are countries that makes it illegal to hit a kid no matter what, but come on! Kids nowadays are so self entitled because they are not afraid of anything or anyone. Grounding or seizing their stuffs might work for some kids but not a lot.
My personal unexperienced position is to try to strike a balance between the two. Don’t beat them every time they mess. Don’t punish them every time. Save the beatings for the offences that matter and make sure it is done in a way that is not excessive. Beating is to emphasize the wrongness of their actions (where words have failed), and not as a form of corporal punishment. I barely remember the spankings my folks gave me except one (I was throwing a tantrum at five years old and refusing to go make my hair for school the next day. My dad picked me up with one leg, held me upside down and gave me three quick hits on the butt. I cried all the way to the salon, but the hair got made and i never tried that again) I only remember it still because it is a source of amusement for the adult me.
butt kicking
So what do you think? do you believe that there are more effective ways to get through to kids? Do you think beating is completely unnecessary? Drop a line. Let us talk.

Overcoming my Zombie Phobia……………Maybe

I have four phobias that I am currently aware of. Two are regular and common. (Claustrophobia and Acrophobia). The other two are quite unusual. The first of which would be discussed another day. The second are Zombies. I am petrified of Zombies. Yes, I know they are not real. I sat down today and tried to trace when and where the fear began. Two distinct incidences stood out in my head.
Flash Back- When i was five years old, my cousin brought home a Nigerian movie. Witch Doctor of the Living Dead. Now this movie was a Z movie with horrendous acting, horrible costumes, fake pink blood, rubber snakes and the camera crew appearing in shots BUT for me, it was the scariest movie ever. I had nightmares about the zombie like men walking with chalk on their face and pink liquid dripping from their mouths. Hey! I was five.

The weird thing is that I also saw Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead at that time and i was not as scared.
Years passed. It was the Play station Era in my house and my siblings and I were really into it. (Crash Bandicoot was all my time Favourite game and it still sucks that it was never made into PS 3). My brother’s friend brought over a game “Resident Evil one”. It wasn’t my thing, so I never played until one day when I was home alone, I decided to play it. Biggest mistake of my life. It was an incredible dark and spooky game and when my character was approached by Zombies, I couldn’t get the darn guns to operate. (Turns out I had not picked any bullets. Genius me.) So there I was genuinely scared, trying unsuccessfully to shoot at the approaching zombies until my dormant brain kicked me in the chin and i turned off the darn console. (One would think that would have been obvious from the get go)
Despite these incidences, I wasn’t technically scared of Zombies. I watched Resident Evil one to four. I loved Zombie land and Shaun of the dead. So I am not exactly sure when the Zombie fear kicked into full gear. Suddenly, I was having nightmares about zombies. I would wake up at dawn imagining that they were outside my window. I couldn’t sleep with the door open because I feared that they might come in. On rare occasions, i locked my bedroom door. Of course I couldn’t tell my husband because….well….it is Zombies. How do you explain such an irrational fear? Needless to say, I haven’t watched Resident Evil 5 or the Walking Dead. (I close my eyes or change the channel whenever it is being advertised). What makes the nightmares annoying is that I am always armed but the darned gun is always jammed. I am sure there is a Joseph like interpretation of my nightmares somewhere, but then I also have nightmares that the world becomes flooded and is invaded by sharks and Anacondas (I need to watch less TV).
So you can imagine my indignation when i heard that a love story about Zombies was being made. I kept thinking who in their right mind would try to romanticize zombies? it is Zombies. I get Werewolves and Vampires because they have human forms, but Zombies are dead smelling rotten corpses. How dare they? I am talking about the movie “Warm Bodies’. Ofcourse I never read the book and I had no intention of watching the movie. At this stage, the nightmares had eased off and i had no intention of re starting them. One brave day, I decided to watch the trailer on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised. These Zombies were not scary. For the first time since Shaun of the dead, i was actually interested in watching a Zombie movie. So i did. I have seen it twice now (SPOILER ALERT- All the zombies did become human at the end, but while they were zombies, they were not that scary, even though they did kill a group of teenagers)
warm bodies couple
If all Zombies looked like him, Life would be awesome
So there you have it. Now I have not had any Zombie dreams in months. (hope this writeup doesn’t trigger one). But thanks to movie, Warm Bodies, I can now view Zombies as lost souls who could be quite funny if they weren’t moaning all the time or trying to eat our brains. I thought of putting up a picture of Zombies, but that would be a very bad idea. Yes?
Drop a line and let us talk about our irrational phobias

The Most Exclusive Club Poo

Back in 2009, a Facebook friend got married. All the online congrats were flying in. Then, one comment caught my eye “Welcome to the most exclusive club in the world…..”. Then, as a single girl (using single in the context of single and married. Engaged or in a relationship doesn’t count here), I didn’t like that.
We hear a lot of tales about how girls’ attitudes change towards their single friends after they get married. There is this air of superiority that some married girls adopt. I never understood it. I saw marriage like a natural transition in life, nothing to be ‘exclusive’, nothing to develop an attitude about. (now if one were to become a billionaire, that I can understand). Then I was told that it’s because I was single, i won’t understand.
Fast Forward 2012, now I am a married woman. I see a similar comment on another new bride’s Facebook page. I decided this time to engage the commenter on a discourse. Her point of view was so baffling that I had to save it on my phone and I never deleted it.

What the hell is a different level? Do married women grow three eyes? Do they develop super powers? (I wish they did though, would love to have the “eat whatever you like without gaining weight” superpower). What makes her think that ALL single ladies are jealous of their married friends. Sadly, it is a mentality shared by many Nigerians. Once a lady is approaching a certain age without getting married, tongues start to wag. One would think husbands are found in the market? It is a sad assumption the every single lady is looking to get married and every married lady is happy in her marriage.
Given the astronomical rate of divorce in Nigeria now (handled and witnessed a lot in my three years of practice), it is safe to say the single ladies status may no longer be the “worst” thing out there. There is now the divorced ladies ‘club’. They are more scorned than the single ladies. I vividly remember a married acquaintance of mine( i won’t call her a friend) who refused to hang out with her childhood best friend who is the process of a divorce, on the ground that she cannot be seen with her. Now i asked if she had developed leprosy. She replied that people may think that they were birds of the same feathers. I responded ‘Wow, divorce is now contagious?’ She said ‘Yes o'(I really hate it when people don’t get sarcasm, but i hate it more when people are incredibly stupid. #ogaatthetop.) Every day, women are wallowing in domestic abuse, emotional turmoil and are just plain unhappy , but in the name of remaining in the ‘most exclusive club’, they sit and suffer.
Now I am not saying that things don’t change when you are married. You have more responsibilities and you would like to hang out with other women who understand what you are going through. Likewise mothers, they would like to hang out with other mothers and have baby talk. BUT that doesn’t make you better than a single lady. That doesn’t put you in some exclusive club different from the yet to be married ones. That just makes you married.
So to all married ladies out there, your friend is your friend. Don’t discard them simply because they are not married yet.Life might make u drift apart. It is inevitable but do not deliberately do it over some misconceived notion of exclusivity. And to those posting those exclusive club nonsense, marriage is not a freaking sorority or billionaire club. Just say congrats and mooooveeee on. Thank you. As to all my single friends, don’t change when you get married yourself and start feeling like I have arrived. Yes you have arrived……to one of the toughest institutions in the world where you would have to work hard to preserve for the rest of your life. Happy arrivals.
so drop a line, do you agree with the above view or do you think that some people need to get a grip?

Don’t Call us fat! Call us Plus-size.

A few months back, I was at a Max shop in Manama with some Nigerian ladies. We were looking at some baby clothes and out of the blue, one lady says ‘Shey you know you are fat’. Raising my eyebrow,I responded “NOO!! Really??’ and she nodded “really”. (I really hate it when people don’t get sarcasm). I found this quite offensive, not because it wasn’t true…………..technically, but it was ill-timed and tactless.
There are a million and one articles and commercials about overweight people. Every Tom, Akpos and Harry have one or the other magic weight loss formula out there, promising quick results. Reality shows like Biggest loser,Extreme make over-weight loss, super size vs super skinny all focus on this. While I cannot undermine the usefulness of eating right and getting healthy, the article is more about fat shaming.
Lets face it. We don’t like fat people.(Using the word fat for morbidly obese people). Yeah, they are funny to look at, but when we see an obese person, the first thing that goes on in our heads is “damn, why would she let herself get this way?’. Some cases of obesity are hereditary, most are lack of willpower and exercise. However the word “fat” is being brandished around for those even slightly overweight. Like my awesome self. I never did consider myself fat growing up. I felt fit, i felt agile. i could do most things even skinny people can’t do. But I was told I was fat. then I was 165 pounds. So i decided to do something about it. Enter in the fad diets, the drugs, the energy drinks. I yoyo-ed myself to a whooping 198 pounds. Was I heavier, yes? Could I still move like a champ ……definitely (in my mind atleast). I had built more bulk and had the most annoying belly and back fat to deal with. One thing I took away from my yoyo diet experience was my love for exercise. (from Zumba,taebo, hip hops abs, belly dancing, walking…..still hate to run and i hate Pilates).

Rocking the move with heels and a million dinars smile

Now I find the word fat offensive. Yeah you probably have an eyebrow raised like why? Fat is fat. A lot of political correctness BS right? Yea, it may be political correctness BS, but many people do find it offensive. Most  people know that they are fat, they DON’T need you to spell it out for them. Employ some tact when dealing with over weight people. Don’t go telling them that they are fat, they need to lose weight. They know that. Except you are family, close friend, a professional doctor or dietician, please shut up. Thank u.
Now the terms I prefer are plus size (thank u Tyra Banks for introducing me to that word), obese or morbidly obese. Even overweight sounds less offensive in my opinion.Yeah i could feel some of the readers rolling their eyes. Plus size….. fat….kini difference. this is the difference.1lb_fat
Plus size and fabulous
So to all my plus size ladies, love your body no matter the shape. If you are not happy with it, do something ABOUT it, but please educate yourself before embarking. Even if you are happy with it, never forget the health risks involved. I would be featuring health tips from my dear friend Olatoro, who lost over 60 pounds with no drugs and no fad diets.

She looks fab before and after, doesn’t she?

So drop a line. Am i being overly dramatic with hating the word’fat’ or do you hate it too?

Do you find being called fat offensive

AFRICA MAGIC VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARDS- Guys representing… Girls mehhh….

So the African Magic Viewer’s Choice awards has come and gone. The turn out was amazing. It was nice to see so many stars gathered in one place. I, for one, was looking forward to seeing magic created with some authentic African pieces, but I was sorely disappointed. Come on guys, everyone have had their full of evening gowns at the Oscars, Grammys, Sags and all the other awards shows. This was the opportunity to showcase some awesome authentic African styles, but in my opinion, they fell short…..the girls at least

Pretty, no doubt, but Nothing with the wow factor!

Now, the guys on the other hand seemed to have a lot of fun with their outfits. Yeah, some of them wore the conventional tux, but others like the awesome Dare Art Alade, the prolific director Kunle Afolayan (i love that he wore this) and a host of them really embraced their roots and to them, kudos.

dare art

kunle afoloyan

course, there were some major misses amongst the guys too. Jim Iyke…..really?? really??
jim iyle
teju baby face
Yeah, weirdly there were a lot of boobies on display. Now personally, I don’t have any issue with a little décolletage here and there, but somehow, I don’t think we as a society are very accepting of it yet.


no words for this lady.

I notice that Omotola and Genevieve did change twice. I don’t get that. I know that performing musicians may get to change, but neither Omotola or Geneieve were performing(or were they?). Perhaps they were presenting. Which outfit do you think they should have stuck with?


genny 2

Now i don’t know much about fashion. Just expressing my views. So drop a line, what do you think of the outfits? Do you think the guys looked better? Or are you a fan of the girls?

Child Dedication Almost Gone Awry

Hello everyone. If you had read my article on “first Fridays in Bahrain”, you would recall that I posted that, events hosted by Nigerian wives usually involve a variety of dishes from jollof rice to fried rice, salads, rice flour with egusi or efo riro soup, right. Well, last friday, the hostess was able to tone it down successfully with rice, salad and peppersoup. This friday, a lady( and also my neighbour), who was having a “small” (over 50 people) get together for her new-born son, decided to do the same with almost disastrous consequences.
So it is Thursday and food prep for the event is underway. The lady has chosen to make jollof rice, fried rice and salad. With 15 kg of only red meat staring at me, I knew that given the precedence, it would be a really bland meal because of the lack of variety, so I offered…….ok, insisted……demanded…. that we spice it with something. I decided on some meat kebab. (I know. I am awesome, right.) Since it is a favourite snack of my hubby, I already had all the tools I needed. I got some gizzard to give it a little spice. So friday morning, it was time for the cooking. I learnt that the menu has been changed to just jollof rice, rice flour and efo riro. Although i was initially unhappy with the addition of the rice flour, at the end of the day, I am unashamed to say I was very wrong because it saved the day. Now the ladies cooking the rice were not the ministry wives who usually chip in,(read first friday in Bahrain) but two ladies that attended the same church with the new mother. Trust women, the task were divided with each section completely minding their own business.
I settled down to make my meat kebab, consisting of red, green, orange and yellow bell peppers, with regular and white onions to give it that colourful look. Had some help from one of the ministry wives. While everyone was done and had left by 11 a.m, i was still hard at work setting up the sticks. I had to take back to my place to grill it in a pepper mix consisting of powdered Kashmiri chilli powder, crayfish, curry, ginger and garlic powder.(catering practical things). I was told it was fanimorous(Nigerian slang for delicious), i never got to taste it.

looks awesome, right.

Now, it is 5 p.m. Time for the program to commence. Of course Nigerians are never early, so it wasn’t until 6 that people began to arrive. Then the first disaster struck. The pool venue intended to be used, minus being super cold, had no lighting……… shocking right?, you would think that would be one of the first things checked out. Now they had to relocate to another open space. With the ladies and men hovering around and only the host carrying chairs, i had to eh……….encourage the little ones to help carry. They were suitably compensated with two meat kebab each. Eventually, at my urging, (yeah i know, i am superwoman), some men got into the action. Finally, the event was underway. The serving went on relatively smoothly with my meat kebab going swiftly (i did lose my temper for a bit when a lady called me “mama put”-a woman that serves foods in make-shift kiosks. I told the lady in very clear and colourful terms that i do not appreciate that. Did i over-react? Maybe. Will i act the same way next time……..definitely. That one helps out in events, is no ground for disrespect, joking or otherwise. If she had called me Gordon Ramsay or Cat Cora, internationally acclaimed chefs….eh heh…i would have given her extra meat kebab. Though i do regret a little that i reacted the same when a lady that i actually like called me ‘madam caterer’. Transferred Aggression)
After I had monitored the self-service and ensured that people could handle themselves, I then sat down to eat, only to discover that the rice had soured.
My reaction after tasting the sour rice. Amazing how someone managed to get a picture at the exact time.

I am beyond shocked that jollof rice made at 10 in the morning and kept in the cooler could be completely spoilt and stinking by 6p.m. One of the ministry wives then;suggested that perhaps the ladies from the church made it in a fried rice version or added too much tomatoes. (This is one reason why I am never involved in cooking rice for a large number of people. Minus the fact that I am a hit and miss cook, too many things can go wrong even for the best of cooks). I quickly went to check on the second cooler of rice which was, thank goodness still relatively edible. I immediately took down the first and proceeded to, as discreetly as possible, retrieve plates and swap the rice, though I am pretty sure the damage had been done. The efo riro made for the rice flour had since run out even though 6 wraps of rice flour still remained. The salad was finished, the disposable plates could not be found, we ran out of drinking water…… Everything seemed to be going wrong. Luckily, Nigerians are very jolly fellows and proceeded on to the celebration, spoiled food or not (i suspect that it was the abundance of alcoholic drinks that made everywhere seem lively despite the disaster). By 8 p.m, people began to disperse. We thought we had dodged the bullets. Unfortunately, 6 more Nigerian men came in. At this point, the second cooler had gone sour and we had to think of something quick. Luckily, one of the ministry wives suggested that the host make use of her own personal soup. So we proceeded to the flat to re-heat the soup for service. We were then able to serve the final six. After that, it was drinking all the way.

It was quite a day. Temper flared. A lot of dis-organisation and most sadly two coolers of food thrown away. It just goes to show that even with the most careful planning, things can go disastrously wrong. …….Drop a line if you think the event would have been better if we had resorted to the usual method of cooking varieties.

The Moral lion of Kabira

I am sure by now, most of you have read the news of the lion that killed a lady in Kabira town, Zimbabwe. No, You haven’t? Oh ok, a lion killed a lady in Kabira, Zimbabwe. Most of you are thinking……So??? It is Africa and there are lions in that region. These incidences are bound to happen. Before progressing, i would like to have a disclaimer that this piece isn’t written in any way to disparage the memories of those who lost their lives or trivialize the issue.
Back to the story, the deceased was at the time in the bush with her boyfriend enjoying a little roll in the hay, or in this case, in the bush when the lion struck. Now the young man who was ….ehh…. most likely….at top…..was able to take off but the young lady was not so fortunate and was mauled to death. Now the weekend before, a young man had disappeared on his way home from a nightclub. It is believed that he was also eaten by the lion. Very tragic yeah. You can imagine my shock and (i am a little ashamed to say), amusement on reading an opinion this morning on Yahoo news that the two deceased persons were committing sins at the time of their death and hence were being punished by God. Now i think to myself, that must have been one really angry religious extremist lion. How dare the lady be fornicating in the bush or the young man be returning from a place of sin? The lion was punishing them for their sins………………or maybe it was just a hungry man-eater?

Sometimes you have to wonder at some Peoples’ level of reasoning.

So what’s your take, hungry man-eater who just happened to get two people at the wrong place at the wrong time or a moral crusading lion in Kabira out to cure the town of its sins? Drop a line. Most importantly, R.I.P to the victims.
The lion is still at large. So no sinning until it is caught.