Europeans invented fashion, Nigerians re- invented style.

Yeah i know what you are all thinking. I am a Nigerian. Of course I would say that. But this is not merely an article to praise my country. Nah. I scoured the internet looking for the most trendy and fashion conscious African people. The only article i found spoke on African designers and fashion week. Nigeria was 2nd in the list of top designers (go Naija!), South African was number one. However, this isn’t about who has the most renowned fashion designers or fashion week, it is really about the people.

Let’s face it. The average Nigerian girl knows how to dress. I am something of a fashion novice, but even i know that we are extremely stylish. Now this isn’t about buying some ready-made ensemble and accessorizing well. No. This is about taking a material and creating wonders with it. I am talking about the famous african fabric – Ankara. The Ankara craze seem to have exploded this past decade and many Nigerians girls are ditching western materials for western inspired Ankara. The pictures i am about to display, showcase a new blend of african and western. I won’t write much, i would let the clothes speak for themselves. Tell me what you think about it. If you are African and you think your country has the best dressed ladies, drop a line.



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