What is your poison?

So my husband had a friend over. I wanted to serve him a drink and asked what I considered one of THE coolest slangs ever. “What is your poison?” He gave me a double stare and asked “Se o fe pa mi ( Yoruba for, do you want to kill me). Then I realized that even though I find the slang awesome, not many people know what it means.
“Poison” is a slang for alcoholic drink. Although it’s a modern-day slang, it has Latin roots. The Latin word “toxicum” meaning poison is used in the word intoxicate, or it may just be a reference to the bad effects of excessive drinking. In Australia, a pub was known as a “poison-shop”. However, it has evolved from just being about drinks to anything that you consume a lot and can cause you harm over the long run. It may be cigarettes, sugar or food.
My poison is Long grain white rice. I love it, I crave it; I am obsessed by it; I can eat it 24 7; I have gained weight on it; I have lost shape with it, brown rice can’t replace it. (Cool rhymes, right). A main staple in my country since I was a little girl, rice is one dish I can continuously have (in varieties of course) without getting bored. Why is it a poison, you may be thinking. Everyone eats rice. Well, recent studies by the FDA shows that there may be high arsenic content in rice. (Yeah arsenic! I hate these studies because every day they come with a new “scientific” report about how something you like is harmful to you). Chris Kresser (Chriskresser.com) wrote that not only is a significant amount of arsenic found in many rice products on the market, but also that arsenic levels in the blood directly increase with greater rice consumption (NOTE not occasional, only when it is excessive, like mine). Pregnant women are advised to limit their rice intake during pregnancy to avoid harming their babies. This isn’t limited to white rice. Brown rice is believed to have more arsenic content than white rice (there goes my replacement meal). Even some vegetables have some content as do some fruits. The study on arsenic in rice is still ongoing but the “less is more” mantra really works perfectly here.


So that is my poison. Drop a line and lets discuss what you consume too much of and whether it can be termed a poison in the long run.

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  1. iOmogekofo says:

    My poison…….SUGAR.
    If I don’t take something sweet in one day, dat day is never complete. *sadface*
    I wonder why those tinz we luv d most are considered harmful…..but this theory sumtimz aint right, *rolling my eyes* I have a cousin who can kill 4 late night food, she even wakes up 2 eat @ 1am and go straight back 2 bed and gues wat, she has d tiniest waist I have ever seen…….her tommy is flatter than my back…*i wish*…and if I dear eat after 7pm I wil have myself 2 blame 4 another 6months.
    My dear, wat doesn’t kill u only makes u stronger…..YOLO so amma live 4 2day n b hopeful of 2mao………*drops mic*

  2. herapereira says:

    Yea. Personally, i think it is a conspiracy from the world cabal to make people unhappy by making sure all we like harm us. As for your cousin (beefing her already), she may have high metabolism or she may have some serious inner fat. Something i learned watching ” Super size vs super skinny” . she may be slim on the outside but fat on the inside. Guess we should try and console ourselves (the key word here is console) that our outer fat is better and easily detectable and fixable than inner fat. The key to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem ……………… Keep on resisting the sugar. One day, you will conquer it.
    p.s Enjoy your body. Love your body. Try not to over think things. People have lost weight eating after 7 (Lagos traffic won’t even let you get home by 7). Portion control and not going to bed too early is the key. You can watch/download short workout videos from Youtube and do an hour after your meal.

  3. tokunbo says:

    Cake n ice cream,nt an evryday tingy bt its always a must av all d tym!

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