The racist dogs of Al Burhama

One hot sunny day in September, I looked outside my kitchen window, and saw an indian labourer walking down the deserted street. Nothing unusual until two dogs started racing towarda him barking ferociously. When he turned to face them, they started retreating slowly but still growling. When he turned to resume walking, they became to chase him again. So the drama continued with the dogs getting closer and my heart beating for the indian. Eventually, the indian decided that he was not going to be any dog’s b***h. He picked up a plank and started to chase the dogs who took off. I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt.
Two months after that incident, my husband was on his way to work. He was driving off the untarred road to the high way when his car was besieged by 5 dogs. Now his window was down and one dog almost got his head in. Now this could have caused a heart attack to an older person or resulted in an accident. Luckily, nothing like that happened. He accelerated and the dogs chased him all the way to the highway. After that incident, it seems the dogs had it out for my husband. Every morning, his car is chased. I was always teasing him saying ‘Well the dogs know you are not Arab”. Things became more serious when during an evening walk, we were threatened by one of the dogs. My husband picked up stones to throw. I picked up a plank (hey, it worked for the indian). Luckily, I never got to use mine, even though I had the urge to scream like a banshee and chase the dog down the street as well. (I was chased by a dog when i was six, so the move would have been poetic justice, but i decided to maintain my championship). Really, I thought the dogs had some canine beef with my husband, (he did hit one during one of the daily routine morning chases), but one evening, I had a pregnant Nigerian lady visit with her one year toddler. By the time she wanted to leave, the dogs had gathered and although I promised to walk her home armed with my stones and plank, I realized that there were at least 4 dogs there. Now I am no coward but championship maintained again. We called her husband to come and fetch her.
Now I don’t hate dogs. I actually like them…………the ones in the movies, the talking ones and puppies, but I have always sort of had a phobia for them since I was six, made worse by the fact that they can smell fear(I apparently was always oozing of fear, because I was barked at a lot growing up). Now you are wondering why I call them racists. Well, they have an animal control service here, and I think if they have bothered or harassed the arab residents here as much as my husband and I have been harassed, I am sure they would have been gone from the neighbourhood. Now I don’t know if they are all bark and no bite because I can’t say if they have actually bitten anyone, but slowly and surely, they would get bolder.
Now in the last few weeks, they had been absent. So, I had forgotten about them. This morning however, I looked out my kitchen window when I saw them chasing down a black pickup truck. Now I think to myself, maybe the dogs are not racists……………. maybe they just like to chase things and people black or brown…………..

Now for those expecting a picture of the dogs…………………………ha ha ha ha ha……………..surely no one is actually expecting a picture………..
Drop a line if you think the dogs are racists or just being dogs.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. zainab says:

    They are jt hungry. Have u eva tried to feed them.

  2. tokunbo says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……………………cnt stop laughn,as in make una pele…………..i vote racist dogs

  3. herapereira says:

    @Zainab, i have never tried to feed wolves either. Am sure they are hungry too.

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