The Moral lion of Kabira

I am sure by now, most of you have read the news of the lion that killed a lady in Kabira town, Zimbabwe. No, You haven’t? Oh ok, a lion killed a lady in Kabira, Zimbabwe. Most of you are thinking……So??? It is Africa and there are lions in that region. These incidences are bound to happen. Before progressing, i would like to have a disclaimer that this piece isn’t written in any way to disparage the memories of those who lost their lives or trivialize the issue.
Back to the story, the deceased was at the time in the bush with her boyfriend enjoying a little roll in the hay, or in this case, in the bush when the lion struck. Now the young man who was ….ehh…. most likely….at top…..was able to take off but the young lady was not so fortunate and was mauled to death. Now the weekend before, a young man had disappeared on his way home from a nightclub. It is believed that he was also eaten by the lion. Very tragic yeah. You can imagine my shock and (i am a little ashamed to say), amusement on reading an opinion this morning on Yahoo news that the two deceased persons were committing sins at the time of their death and hence were being punished by God. Now i think to myself, that must have been one really angry religious extremist lion. How dare the lady be fornicating in the bush or the young man be returning from a place of sin? The lion was punishing them for their sins………………or maybe it was just a hungry man-eater?

Sometimes you have to wonder at some Peoples’ level of reasoning.

So what’s your take, hungry man-eater who just happened to get two people at the wrong place at the wrong time or a moral crusading lion in Kabira out to cure the town of its sins? Drop a line. Most importantly, R.I.P to the victims.
The lion is still at large. So no sinning until it is caught.


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  1. zainab says:

    Errr….. All I hav to say is, ‘hw u take knw? Werr u there?’ Lol. *wink.

    1. yetty says:

      It’s a 2 way thing ooo, perhaps God is punishing the victims for there sins and the lion was also hungry at that time

      1. herapereira says:

        but Yetty, we are all sinners. Don’t we all deserve to eaten by chihuahuas. God is a forgiving God. pretty sure it was just the lion acting alone

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