Don’t Call us fat! Call us Plus-size.

A few months back, I was at a Max shop in Manama with some Nigerian ladies. We were looking at some baby clothes and out of the blue, one lady says ‘Shey you know you are fat’. Raising my eyebrow,I responded “NOO!! Really??’ and she nodded “really”. (I really hate it when people don’t get sarcasm). I found this quite offensive, not because it wasn’t true…………..technically, but it was ill-timed and tactless.
There are a million and one articles and commercials about overweight people. Every Tom, Akpos and Harry have one or the other magic weight loss formula out there, promising quick results. Reality shows like Biggest loser,Extreme make over-weight loss, super size vs super skinny all focus on this. While I cannot undermine the usefulness of eating right and getting healthy, the article is more about fat shaming.
Lets face it. We don’t like fat people.(Using the word fat for morbidly obese people). Yeah, they are funny to look at, but when we see an obese person, the first thing that goes on in our heads is “damn, why would she let herself get this way?’. Some cases of obesity are hereditary, most are lack of willpower and exercise. However the word “fat” is being brandished around for those even slightly overweight. Like my awesome self. I never did consider myself fat growing up. I felt fit, i felt agile. i could do most things even skinny people can’t do. But I was told I was fat. then I was 165 pounds. So i decided to do something about it. Enter in the fad diets, the drugs, the energy drinks. I yoyo-ed myself to a whooping 198 pounds. Was I heavier, yes? Could I still move like a champ ……definitely (in my mind atleast). I had built more bulk and had the most annoying belly and back fat to deal with. One thing I took away from my yoyo diet experience was my love for exercise. (from Zumba,taebo, hip hops abs, belly dancing, walking…..still hate to run and i hate Pilates).

Rocking the move with heels and a million dinars smile

Now I find the word fat offensive. Yeah you probably have an eyebrow raised like why? Fat is fat. A lot of political correctness BS right? Yea, it may be political correctness BS, but many people do find it offensive. Most  people know that they are fat, they DON’T need you to spell it out for them. Employ some tact when dealing with over weight people. Don’t go telling them that they are fat, they need to lose weight. They know that. Except you are family, close friend, a professional doctor or dietician, please shut up. Thank u.
Now the terms I prefer are plus size (thank u Tyra Banks for introducing me to that word), obese or morbidly obese. Even overweight sounds less offensive in my opinion.Yeah i could feel some of the readers rolling their eyes. Plus size….. fat….kini difference. this is the difference.1lb_fat
Plus size and fabulous
So to all my plus size ladies, love your body no matter the shape. If you are not happy with it, do something ABOUT it, but please educate yourself before embarking. Even if you are happy with it, never forget the health risks involved. I would be featuring health tips from my dear friend Olatoro, who lost over 60 pounds with no drugs and no fad diets.

She looks fab before and after, doesn’t she?

So drop a line. Am i being overly dramatic with hating the word’fat’ or do you hate it too?

Do you find being called fat offensive

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  1. Hauwa Ikharo says:

    My dear, you are not been overly dramatic about the word “fat”. I prefer to be called plus size. Again most of those weight loss drugs just makes one loose the weight temporarily for a few months. The best I have finally agreed to is a healthy eating life style… me, it’s never easy losing the weight. I advise my fellow plus size ladies to love their bodies and maintain a healthy eating habit. We can’t all be size 8 or 10 but we can surely love our bodies as all fruits come in shapes and sizes. Never let anyone make u feel less important because of your size. The slimmer you look doesn’t mean the healthier you are.

  2. nnenna says:

    This article is very enlightening I must say. A lot of ‘slim’ people go about thinking they are healthy because of their size which is wrrong. At the end of the day its all about being fit and rocking whatever size you’re, whether ‘minu’ or ‘plus’ size.

    1. herapereira says:

      Thank you Nnenna. If some slim people knew how many inner fat they has, they would pray that the fat is manifested outside because inner fat is a thousand times more dangerous. Everyone, be educated, be healthy

  3. Efe says:

    Beautiful article Aisha, i love it. This is the kind of article everyone needs to read.
    Being Slim or fat is not the issue, its about being healthy.

    Thanks again for this article.

    1. herapereira says:

      thank you for reading. Please recommend to your other plus size or normal size friends

  4. obehi obazele ulinfun says:

    Nice blog,can’t stop reading and kip it up.

    1. herapereira says:

      Thank you so much. I appreciate

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