Overcoming my Zombie Phobia……………Maybe

I have four phobias that I am currently aware of. Two are regular and common. (Claustrophobia and Acrophobia). The other two are quite unusual. The first of which would be discussed another day. The second are Zombies. I am petrified of Zombies. Yes, I know they are not real. I sat down today and tried to trace when and where the fear began. Two distinct incidences stood out in my head.
Flash Back- When i was five years old, my cousin brought home a Nigerian movie. Witch Doctor of the Living Dead. Now this movie was a Z movie with horrendous acting, horrible costumes, fake pink blood, rubber snakes and the camera crew appearing in shots BUT for me, it was the scariest movie ever. I had nightmares about the zombie like men walking with chalk on their face and pink liquid dripping from their mouths. Hey! I was five.

The weird thing is that I also saw Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead at that time and i was not as scared.
Years passed. It was the Play station Era in my house and my siblings and I were really into it. (Crash Bandicoot was all my time Favourite game and it still sucks that it was never made into PS 3). My brother’s friend brought over a game “Resident Evil one”. It wasn’t my thing, so I never played until one day when I was home alone, I decided to play it. Biggest mistake of my life. It was an incredible dark and spooky game and when my character was approached by Zombies, I couldn’t get the darn guns to operate. (Turns out I had not picked any bullets. Genius me.) So there I was genuinely scared, trying unsuccessfully to shoot at the approaching zombies until my dormant brain kicked me in the chin and i turned off the darn console. (One would think that would have been obvious from the get go)
Despite these incidences, I wasn’t technically scared of Zombies. I watched Resident Evil one to four. I loved Zombie land and Shaun of the dead. So I am not exactly sure when the Zombie fear kicked into full gear. Suddenly, I was having nightmares about zombies. I would wake up at dawn imagining that they were outside my window. I couldn’t sleep with the door open because I feared that they might come in. On rare occasions, i locked my bedroom door. Of course I couldn’t tell my husband because….well….it is Zombies. How do you explain such an irrational fear? Needless to say, I haven’t watched Resident Evil 5 or the Walking Dead. (I close my eyes or change the channel whenever it is being advertised). What makes the nightmares annoying is that I am always armed but the darned gun is always jammed. I am sure there is a Joseph like interpretation of my nightmares somewhere, but then I also have nightmares that the world becomes flooded and is invaded by sharks and Anacondas (I need to watch less TV).
So you can imagine my indignation when i heard that a love story about Zombies was being made. I kept thinking who in their right mind would try to romanticize zombies? it is Zombies. I get Werewolves and Vampires because they have human forms, but Zombies are dead smelling rotten corpses. How dare they? I am talking about the movie “Warm Bodies’. Ofcourse I never read the book and I had no intention of watching the movie. At this stage, the nightmares had eased off and i had no intention of re starting them. One brave day, I decided to watch the trailer on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised. These Zombies were not scary. For the first time since Shaun of the dead, i was actually interested in watching a Zombie movie. So i did. I have seen it twice now (SPOILER ALERT- All the zombies did become human at the end, but while they were zombies, they were not that scary, even though they did kill a group of teenagers)
warm bodies couple
If all Zombies looked like him, Life would be awesome
So there you have it. Now I have not had any Zombie dreams in months. (hope this writeup doesn’t trigger one). But thanks to movie, Warm Bodies, I can now view Zombies as lost souls who could be quite funny if they weren’t moaning all the time or trying to eat our brains. I thought of putting up a picture of Zombies, but that would be a very bad idea. Yes?
Drop a line and let us talk about our irrational phobias

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  1. nnenna says:

    LWKMD! I can totally relate to your fear. I remember watching Hellraiser as a kid. Before the movie started, I and my siblings were hungry so our mother decided to boil some yam for us. By the time the yam was cooked, we were already into the movie. There was this cube that could send one to hell or heaven well in this case it was always hell, chains would come out of it and rip the victims skin off. When our yam was served, I kept looking at mine expecting chains to come out of it. Needless to say, none of us ate that night.

    1. herapereira says:

      Chei! Horror movies are really bad for kids sha. Thank you for sharing

  2. zainab says:

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! Witch doctor of the living dead!! I dnt knw y u guys let me watch that movie. I dnt think I was up to 4 d 1st tym I saw it. But unlike u, I’m gangsta…. shiiiiii! I aint afriad of no ghost… Sorry zombies

    1. herapereira says:

      Babe, they let me watch Evil dead and i don’t even know how old I was back then. You gangsta huh, be sure to see the new Evil dead. Will let to see how gangsta u r then

  3. Great post! I love the genre, but I admit that I have a fear and a respect for the Undead 🙂 Zombies were once us and to have ourselves doggedly pursue us to death says a lot about society’s fears.

  4. modupesworld says:

    Thanks for liking my page! I had a good laugh reading your Zombie story because I can totally relate to it, I hate watching horror movies cause I end up having nightmares!! I tried something, when hubby makes me watch(cause he likes it), I have to meditate on some good thing before bed or meditate on a scripture and it sure helps!

    1. herapereira says:

      Thanks for reading o. I have adopted the ‘don’t watch, don’t dream’ stance. Luckily, my husband is not a fan of the horror genre and even if he was, he would be on his own because gore has never appealed it to me. So he would watch alone. After all, I will dream alone. However, Zombies are disturbing because I am fascinated AND terrified at the same time, which annoys me so much. lol. Would try the meditating approach, if I ever come around to watching one. Thanks

  5. J. Great Ihu says:

    I still beats me how someone would spend their money on something just so they would be a bit ‘scared’ by it. Still don’t get it. Some would do it not just to themselves, but to kids too. Sometimes I feel we really don’t just CARE what TV does to our kids. I believe we basically feel just a bit too careless to want to think about it (too much of a stress).

    I feel this is why we have a society such as we have. There’s stuff that affects people from childhood into adulthood. We all know children are easily impressionable, but we don’t really care how the things we watch, do and say around them could affect them.

    I remember having such a fear/fascination with horror movies. It all stopped when I got born again. I still don’t watch them, because I’m like; How would it improve me?

    I remember having to go through terrible times when I was a kid. On Tuesdays nights (EVERY Tuesday) the TV station would show horror movies. I was always awake and closing my eyes (the TV set was in the room where I slept, and my elder ones never missed it).

    Fear is a killer, and the fear of one thing can lead to the fear of others in your life. You are very bold to share yours, Hera. Most people are not. Fear leads to pride, in a bid to mask our fears and lack of confidence, and pride leads to selfish ambition, in a bid to make up for our perceived inadequacies and lack of innate self-confidence. Selfish ambition is actually the reason for greed and corruption.

    I just think one reason we have a nation and a world that is the way it is, is that we don’t speak the right words to our children. We feed them, clothe them, but hardly tell them that we love them, and they are the best thing that has ever happened to the world. They would end up growing up into adults with a huge love and self-confidence deficit. You see the words you hear and the things that are programmed into you when you are young tend to follow you stubbornly throughout life.

    Young girls fall for boys and sex easily because they have never had a man tell them ‘I love you’ passionately ever since they were born. Young boys grow up with a lack of confidence after so many people close to them have put them down, tell them to shut up, and never told them they believe in them. The vacuum created by this lack of self-confidence, they try to fill up with sex, and a search for money for selfish, self-seeking reasons. – And we end up with the kind of society we have today.

    It is very difficult to show love when no one has ever shown love to you.

    I have fought for years with things that I believe I picked up when I was little. Some things we blame on spirits are just products of wrong words and wrong programming. Children pick up what they see around them very easily, and it sticks with them. That is why Nigerians behave and speak like Nigerians, and can hardly stop it, and British people behave and speak like the British. Early programming can stick with you throughout life.

    Nice article Hera. Sorry for the long comment…

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