Beat that kid….a little…..

Daughter- Mummy i don’t like you anymore
Mummy-(drops her magazine) Why dear?
Daughter- Because you are always flogging me and Junior all the time.
Mummy- (picks up cane) How dare you? I am going to beat you until you like me.
True story. The lady telling me this was a mother of three. I am a mother of none, so ! didn’t feel I had the authority/experience to voice my opinion, but I never forgot the irony.
Today i read an article on Yahoo. A couple is being called the ‘worst’ parents in the world for disciplining their 13-year-old daughter for making her stand on the highway for 90 minutes with a sign board saying “I’m a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 ‘D’s’ because I DON’T CARE. And I am thinking…..How the hell does that make them bad parents? If many kids came home with 3 Ds, their parents would spank the D out of them until it becomes a B.
Now as a Nigerian, I am an advocate of spanking kids. Kids have the tendency to be bratty and need to be reined in. A quick slap here…… a spank on the butt there…… I am cool with that. I was spanked as a kid. I turned out awesome. My problem is that people tend to overdo it. I see people with scars on their bodies 20 years later. I see kids who resent their folks for the beatings they received as kids. Others become serial killers. (yep! The white kids).There is need to strike a balance between discipline and abuse.Then there are those that don’t do enough or at all. Of course I know many people advocate for this and there are countries that makes it illegal to hit a kid no matter what, but come on! Kids nowadays are so self entitled because they are not afraid of anything or anyone. Grounding or seizing their stuffs might work for some kids but not a lot.
My personal unexperienced position is to try to strike a balance between the two. Don’t beat them every time they mess. Don’t punish them every time. Save the beatings for the offences that matter and make sure it is done in a way that is not excessive. Beating is to emphasize the wrongness of their actions (where words have failed), and not as a form of corporal punishment. I barely remember the spankings my folks gave me except one (I was throwing a tantrum at five years old and refusing to go make my hair for school the next day. My dad picked me up with one leg, held me upside down and gave me three quick hits on the butt. I cried all the way to the salon, but the hair got made and i never tried that again) I only remember it still because it is a source of amusement for the adult me.
butt kicking
So what do you think? do you believe that there are more effective ways to get through to kids? Do you think beating is completely unnecessary? Drop a line. Let us talk.

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