Every food can kill you!!!!

I am very grumpy right now. Why? I am having a sugar craving. Yes, I am on one of my numerous trying to eat healthier plans again. And you know what? it sucks. What an awesome world it will be if we could eat whatever we like, whenever we like, without worrying the health consequences? It seems everyday, there is a new research about how something we like can kill us. So I have come to the conclusion that the cause of all the problems are scientists.

mad scientist

Yes, these guys

Dont get it twisted. I value scientists. They gave me T.V, cellphone, internet, microwave and Playstation. So they are quite awesome. Unfortunately, they have also found every delicious meal to be potentially dangerous. Let’s analyse, shall we?
Rice – Delicious fantastic awesome rice that comes with varieties; a stable meal in many homes… Well, research has shown that there is arsenic in over 60 rice products. (Yes Arsenic, the stuff that one of the women on death row in the Musical ‘Chicago’, used to kill her lover). Now this is not limited to white rice (which already has the dubious reputation of being a ‘bad carb’) but also brown.
Junk food Ice-cream, fuzzy drinks, donuts, french fries, burgers, chocolates and the likes. Let’s list the downside , shall we? high cholesterol….check; high fat content lining your arteries leading to heart disease….check;  high sugar content lowering your bodies ph level….check. Diabetes…..check. Upside. They are freaking delicious. Why is life so hard?
junk food
And even Fruits and Vegetables are not left out of it. No no, Research has shown that at least 40 different pesticides have been detected in apples (don’t forget the worms) and grapes from farms all over the world; 60 pesticides in Celery, strawberry and Peaches; 55 in bell peppers; over 50 in spinach and Lettuce and even 15 pesticides in Milk (yes Milk). Seems the only safe veggie for now is kale, but I am pretty sure that a research would come up soon telling us on how Kale is dangerous.
Salt- Yes this is not a meal , but it is added to most meals, but now this can also kill us. Salt can cause stress; high blood pressure; weakening of bones; affect the kidneys; increase weight; harden the artery; increase uric acid and cause bronchial and lung problem. Crazy right. Not to mention that some foods already have sodium content, so you can’t even say you want to use less salt. Egg which is supposedly awesome for clean eating has a sodium content of 129; Tomatoes have 46 and Spinach (with all the pesticides)has 56.
I am going to stop here because I am getting angrier and sadder. Really, if the scientists keep this up, we shall not be eating food anymore but popping pills. Yeah, I realize that all the research is for our good and make us aware of what we are eating….yada yada yada………….but life with so much restrictions isn’t life. It is bad enough that we have to avoid tasty meals because they are unhealthy, but Science is trying to make the healthy food unhealthy. Not everyone has access to organic food. Again i repeat……….What an awesome world this would be if we can eat without gaining weight or worrying about our health………….
Just drop a line. Let’s hear your thought on the above matter. What meal do you think scientists would never find fault with.

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  1. Libero says:

    Eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, please eat them too…..

  2. yetty says:

    I totally concur, pls what else would we eat ooo

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