Rant- Mi o Gbo Yoruba. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

“So you don’t speak yoruba?” She asks incredulously
“No.” I respond
“Because I am not yoruba”
“But every one speaks yoruba”
“No, Everyone speaks English”
The above conversation is something I have heard my whole adult life and it is really starting to get on my nerves. Let me back track.
Yoruba happens to be one of the three major ethnic groups in my country(We have 250). I happen to belong to one of the other 250. Now I grew up in Lagos, which is technically a yoruba state, but is the commercial hub of Nigeria, so every tribe lives there and EVERYONE speaks a form of English be it pidgin or otherwise. My High School was owned by an Igbo man and frankly everyone spoke English. My worst subject was Yoruba (we had to undertake at least one language course and there were two options-Yoruba and Igbo, soo..emmm…yea). Suffice to say, I always had Ds..(I think I had one C once). Long story short, I skipped it in the final exams (As it turns it, it wasn’t so important, and it didn’t spoil my perfect GPA)
So I go off to the University and there it started. Now my university was in my homestate (not a yoruba state) and being private and expensive, it was open to any tribe who can afford it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I happen to have 3 yoruba roommates, who couldn’t believe that I didn’t know the language. Their shock was always so amusing. I would ask them, why do I have to learn it? They would be like, you live in Lagos. I respond….EVERYONE lives in Lagos. They would insist that I have to learn it because people would insult me in Yoruba if I didn’t. (I will come back to this point later). I always diffuse the situation, promising to learn it one day. This went on and on for 5 years.
Now, in my opinion, this isn’t a trait that other tribes adopt because I spent one year in the north(before Boko haram). Many people don’t even speak English but they don’t really care. I found the northerners very accommodating. Then my favourite lines were “Ba hausa’ (No hausa).They would smile and try to explain whatever needs explaining in fleeting english. So I adopted the same for the Yorubas in my life saying “Mi o gbo Yoruba” (I don’t understand Yoruba). Their response is either but you are speaking it now. or the usual ‘Why’. Why WHY WHY……I am really tired of being asked why I do not understand a language that is neither my mother tongue or the official language of my country.

And like a glutton for punishment, I got married……………to a yoruba man. (Yeah, face palm). Fortunately, he is cool with it and is amused by my attempts to speak it. His parents are cool as well and we communicate with wonderful English, but people won’t just leave me ALONE!!!!

In our Bahrain women society, there are majorly yoruba women. Now there is just I and other lady who are also married to yoruba men and are not yoruba. So when we are hassled about it, she says she intends to learn. I say the truth, I am not interested in learning. They always seem shocked that I am not willing to learn. One would think that my abrupt answer is enough to make them leave me alone, but nooooooooo.
So last night, the issue came up once again. I said I won’t learn a language because people EXPECT me to. I will learn it because I WANT to and because I want my kids to know their father’s language. Aside from that, there is no amount of harassment that would bully me in learning. Again she respond. “You have to learn it now, its your husband’s language and you would know when people are insulting you”. My response. “People can insult you in any language…. igbo,yoruba, greek, french, italian… Are you going to learn all the languages so you would ‘know’? Why would I care if someone insults me in something I don’t understand? How does that affect me?” Her response “Aisha is a lawyer.She likes to argue’. (WOW, on a topic I didn’t bring up. what a real mature response) Was I offended by that? Yea I was a little,but it was not worth it

Now I want to know. Why do yorubas always give the reason of being insulted in their language as a reason to learn it? Are they saying that they are very insulting, because that is not a compliment to them and definitely not a good reason for anyone to want to learn the language.Now I know a number of non yoruba girls married to yorubas who have learnt the language. Kudos to them. I also know those who haven’t. As long as the people who matter do not complain (and if they do, that’s another topic for another day), it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. As long as I can communicate with everyone, it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. And if you choose to insult me in a language that I don’t understand, then that’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS.
Sorry, I know this is a rant, but I am QUITE fed up.
So drop a line. Am I being overly dramatic? Do you disagree with me? let’s chat.

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  1. joe says:

    Its not compulsory,but it is needed in a way.

  2. cece says:

    U r so on point. So tired of pple asking me that question. Besides der r as many yorubas as there r ibos in lagos, n no1 expects yoruba pple to understand or speak ibo or hausa or benin. And to d last paragraph, it truly seems that d lang is just meant for gossip n insults if u don’t understand it………

    1. herapereira says:

      yeah. I have to agree because it is fellow yorubas that give that reason of insults or gossip as a reason to learn. I don’t get why they keep urging people to learn their language. I know its not malicious but stilll………………….ENOUGH. lol

  3. tokunbo ogunwale says:

    we jst love u dats y n wan u to b a part of us fully,lol!!!!
    i cnt evn learn a new language as i am,crazy u bin pressurized to learn it,jst ignore

    1. herapereira says:

      Abi, its easier learning a new language as a child than an adult, but who knows?

  4. Dr Que says:

    Wow, I actually found this a good read…or rant. Probably because I can relate to it too. However I guess am free from the question for 1 whole year (now learning “Hausa” in Nasarawa). HOWEVER, go and learn Yoruba, Sò Gbó 🙂

  5. kemmy says:

    Hey Hera (#winks..lol) i know i am very guilty of this.i remember. the first time you came home and i was just yapping in yoruba, and then the shock i had when you said you are not yoruba..but then i realize one thing, cant we all live together in harmony, not minding if one is yoruba or ibo or whichever language it is we speaks.
    im married to a non yoruba myself, and his people do not hound me into learning their language.
    and i must say, i love your blog. i love the way you rant. hehehe.
    hope im forgiven for the assumption though. you know i love you, pretty princess.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    My dear…ask me Ōᴼᵒн̣̣̣̝̇̇̇!I lov dis topic

  7. zainab says:

    Madam, go and learn ur hubby’s language. Who sent u nt to marry an edo man.

    1. herapereira says:

      husband no dey complain na

  8. anita says:

    Am a yoruba girl who cant really speak the language and someone of my friends wld be like u r fake blah blah but doesnt mean they start ranting yoruba things(or gossip) around me or say i must learn the language.am nt saying am proud i cant really speak but i think its d callibre of yoruba friends you keep in quote. Am just saying lol. Ignore them my dear.

    1. herapereira says:

      I have to disagree. My Yoruba friends will TELL you that their people won’t hestitate to insult you if you don’t speak the language. I have heard if from several yoruba people. Even some of the people commenting have also experienced this. That goes to tell you that it goes beyond my friends.

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