Dinner with a President

My husband got a mail last week. The one and only Olusegun Obasanjo, popularly known as OBJ, Uncle Sege or the General; former president of Nigeria was heading to Bahrain for a conference. Ofcourse I was super excited because well…………he was my president. He agreed to have dinner with the Nigerians in Bahrain at the hotel he was lodging.
Initially, it was going to be just the men going which I found grossly unfair.I consistently “complained to”( I am never going to admit that I sometimes nag) my husband on the unfairness and discrimination that we poor women folks suffer. Eventually I found out that we get to go. Hurray!
Then I had to find an outfit to wear. Being that it was a Nigerian president, we had to wear traditional outfits. I wanted to wear matching outfits but hubby isn’t a fan of matching. However, he brings out a wine coloured(at least I think its wine) outfit and asks me to “co-ordinate” with his. Now, maybe for someone who has a good fashion size, this won’t have been a problem but for a bumbling fashionista like myself,it was a challenge considering I had a closet of trads that I have never seen or worn.(My mom loves to make them for me. I have lost track). Eventually, I sorta got something that i am pretty sure, didnt co-ordinate but wasn’t too terrible……………in my mind at least.

what do you think? Do we ‘co-ordinate’?

So we set out for the dinner at the Ritz-Carlton (fancy). The evening was very pleasant. The ambience was what you would expect from a 5 star hotel. No complaints. The president came in on time, kissed babies and was the jolly fellow that he always is. I was amazed to see him without any security detail. Ofcourse I had to roll my eyes a lot when he gave a speech, listing out the problems of Nigeria (duh…. he was the president for 8 years, he is part of the problem), but he is a very cool easy-going guy and I am proud I got to meet him.
dinner with obj
nigerians in bahrain

We ate, we drank, we took pictures, we went home. It was a good nite


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