The Green Card MAGAS

nigerian boy married white grandmamarrying older ladies
nigerian boy marries oyinboimagesCAUKR11O
Every couple of months, one of these pictures start to make the rounds from people’s BB and Facebook. Anyone who sees them either chuckles or shakes their head. It was such a rarity initially but now it seems that it has become more frequent.
Every Nigerian knows of yahoo yahoo boys. This is the term given to scam artists who meet gullible foreigners on the internet and con them into sending them money or gifts. I have always wondered what words a stranger on the internet would tell me to make me hand him my hard-earned money. A friend once said that the reason why we(Nigerians) can’t fall for the scammers, is because we are street smart. I disagree. We fall for scams popularly known as ‘419’ all the time. It is easier to fall prey to scams when you can see the scammer but isn’t it common sense not to believe a stranger over the internet. Yes, I guess people were more trusting then. Now it seems people have become wiser because they no longer send money as frequently. So our yahoo yahoo boys have devised the next best thing. Scamming lonely old women.

I recall my first experience with a Yahoo Yahoo boy. Back in 2007, I went to a cybercafe to scout the internet for online job applications. The server was slow, so I left it to take its time. I surveyed my surrounding to do a little amebo and began to read the chats of the guy beside me (yeah i know, none of my business, but I am bored and jobless). The guy beside me was chatting with a very wrinkled old lady (from her display picture). I gave him a conspiratorial wink ( I wanted him to think we were in the same line of work) and asked who is the lady? The boy grinned and said ‘that’s my maga’. (Now then I had no idea what a maga meant but I got the general idea of what he means and to keep the conversation flowing, I nodded.) Obviously he had been looking for someone to confide in, because he went on about how he has been working her for 4 months, that she is being difficult but before the end of 6 months, he would get her. I gave a fictitious story about my own ‘maga’ that I conned during an 8 month period (I was very good at forging stories at the drop of a hat. Very useful in my profession). I wished him luck; we exchanged numbers(I always change one digit in mine when I don’t want to give out my number). I avoided the cybercafe forever.

Now our boys have realised that getting folks to send money online is getting tougher and have decided to go over seas themselves to make the money. No, they won’t do it the legal way, queuing up at the embassy and applying for the visa. (the legal ways are for losers like the rest of us). So they devise another plan. Sweet talk the gullible grannies into marriage; get them down here; have a registry marriage(You never see pics of a reception and if you dispute this, please send me one); the girl (sorry granny) goes back, gets him papers and he moves over there.The perfect con,right? Except of course we all know what you doing and the pictures are put up everywhere as a source of amusement making them infamous.
Now I know some women actually are part of the scam and get paid to marry the men looking for the green card. I doubt if this is the situation here because they(the women) won’t pay their flight tickets to and fro to marry these guys. They would insist that the flight tickets be paid. It makes no sense that the men would give money for the girl’s(did I write girl again….granny’s)tickets and then pay to go there themselves. It is more probable that the old ladies smitten by their online lovers come all the way over to marry them.
Now I am a strong proponent of “to each his own”. What two consenting adults do, does not concern me, unless its illegal. I cannot believe that these women don’t know that they are being scammed. Green card marriage has been around for a long time and unless the women are senile, they know he is not marrying them for love. Maybe they are the one scamming the young men thinking that they have one up on the guy. I am not in any way condoning a scam but come on, love isn’t that blind that you can’t figure out whats going on.
As for the scammers, just like the gift and money ‘magas’ become wiser and stopped doling out the money, the marriage scams victims would stop too. Countries have become more vigilant about green card marriages and some insist that the marriage must have taken place for at least 2 years. So if you marry a lady that repulses you, you are stuck for 2 years. ha ha.

nigerian guy married white oyinbo good
Or you could be smart like this guy and find yourself a hottie.

So drop a line. do you think these marriages are ridiculous? Am I being too general and ignoring the possibility that they may truly love the women? Drop a line.

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  1. Chucks Smith says:

    Well, marriage is supposed to be a blessing to both parties & if this sort is a blessing to both parties, then they should feel free to do what they feel is best. The ladies or *grannies* also have what is in it for them as well as the handsome hunks. Lol. 9c article btw

    1. herapereira says:

      Thank you. I cannot disagree that the grannies KNOW, whether they choose to admit it or not, what the guys are after. Hence the “to each his own”. Handsome Hulks eh? LMAO. Ofcourse they are

  2. Dr Quadri says:

    Oddly enough, I think these scam marriages are on the decline. Probably (like you said), the ‘grannies’ are already getting wiser. However, no elderly (sane) white individual would go and marry a young dude without smelling a rat (a dead stinking one at that). I categorically (and strongly) believe there is no love there. I however have seen a young Nigerian marry a ‘young’ white lady (thou she wasn’t exactly ‘pretty’, if I may be permitted to say). Whether that is also a scam or not, only time will tell. But we cannot generalise sha sha, I fink the last picture with the handsome dude and the pretty lady actually look like a genuine couple (and in yankee even genuine couples divorce in 2 years, if not less)…

    1. herapereira says:

      Are they really on the decline or are people just getting used to them and don’t bother to take pictures any more?

  3. I must commend you for this write up! I am pleased. I am not in anyway a fan of either the yahoo boys or those who scam for green cards but know this: naija boys evolve everyday, that’s why we now have yahoo plus( jazz has been added) so if these grannies finally get some white matter trust my street guys another method shall come forth. I must also say that 95 percent of black guys who go abroad to do “gburu”, this is their only assurance of safety. There is indeed no love here, not even lust to say the least. Its just fun for us watching from the rare as the whites are fooled by the “I can do anytin for money” black. Nonetheless, I totally detest d act and those involved. Its not my business to judge buh again what do u stand to gain? *A 25 year old nigerian marries a 62 year old woman frm malta! HELL NO!

    1. herapereira says:

      Thanks for commenting. I agree with you. Its sad that Nigerians are so smart but instead of using our smarts for productive things, we are looking for who to defraud. Would like to know more about this Yahoo Plus.

      1. Ok madame…thanks for the reply. I will be glad to teach you the methods of the yahoo plus

      2. herapereira says:

        lol. please tell us what it entails

  4. tokunbo ogunwale says:

    i dnt tink d moni scam or d marriage scam is on d decline,u c them everyday in the states n i witnessed one recently(although i was told that they like each other…gudluck to that!!!!),anyways i met an elderly lady n was later told that she has a nija boyfrend that she met online,suddenly the guy had accident n in need of money(and even spoke to his so called doctor!!!),his sister cnt go to skl n he nids moni,she has bin advised(i tink) that d guy is 419 bt she is in love n even wants to go to nija to meet the guy, she keeps sending money to him………….so to me its very much alive

    1. herapereira says:

      which yeye love. I am beginning to wonder if some serious jazz involved or they are deliberately blind

  5. Ok madame…thanks for the reply. I will be glad to teach you the methods of the yahoo plus

  6. kemmy says:

    Boys are so desperate these days..smh. and some photos even shows some family members of the guys. im sure these family members will never consent to the union, if the grannie is black..

    1. herapereira says:

      lol. If she was a black American, they will ooo. lol. Its sad what poverty, greed and ojukokoro has done to us

  7. KAy says:

    Well, its a coin with flip sides. On the one hand you have a young intelligent boy with little or no means of actualizing his dreams so he finds a way out. On the flip side, the way out is both illegal and indecent.
    I don’t condone “yahoo”. I’m a young guy who grew up with a lot of “typist” friends, however I think I could stay away from that line because I’m more fortunate than most. A man is a product of his environment and circumstance. The drive and need to survive is different for different people and yorubas say, “Isale oro l’egbin” translated as “behind great wealth lies a great crime”.
    Baseline……yahoo boys are a product of the economic situation. We should be rather grateful that these intelligent young men don’t take up armed robbery. Again, I reiterate, I don’t condone yahoo but I having seen where some of these boys grow up, I really can’t point fingers. If I had that background and no way out……..I could very well lose this fickle morality. So, while I applaud your rhetoric. I think you would do better criticizing the root cause…..BAD LEADERS

    1. herapereira says:

      You see. I disagree with you there. Yes, we have a bad system, but do you know the millions of Nigerians that have dusted themselves up from the shackles of poverty and made an honest living? I am not one to put everything on the shoulder of the government because I believe that the average Nigerians can make something of themselves. Yahoo Yahoo is not the product of any system. It is plain greed. One guy sees his bros that has hammered quickly. Suddenly, he doesn’t want to work hard anymore. He wants to hammer too. That’s not the leader’s fault all the time. People need to learn to take responsibility. I disagree that behind great wealth lies great crime. Tell that to all the entrepreneurs who started from dirt and built their companies up. There is ALWAYS a way out. ALWAYS

  8. Bend but not Broken says:

    I am a victim of scammed love bride. I can explain the thought and feelings I had to make me agree to marry this guy… He has Cheated, lied and stole since I been with him. You can have your Naija 50 year old boy back…

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