I ain’t your daddy (I resemble your papa?)

Hello Hera, Well done. Oya address this issue. Why are Nigerian girls so greedy eh? They expect a boyfriend to pay their school fees; their stupid brazilian hair, their fake nails, their clown makeup? Why? Girls that don’t know who Gucci is, expects a boy to get them Gucci bags. Wetin dey worry una? (LMAO). I invited a girl that I was asking out to see a movie with me at Ozone Cinema and she came with two of her friends. Then she asked me to pay for them and not to disgrace her. Like WTF?  I am not even your boyfriend yet, if I become one, it means I will be feeding your whole dorm na. The trend is really bad and I think it’s just Nigerian girls because I am presently in London and the girls here  are independent and take care of their own bills. Now I am not saying that a guy cannot provide for his girlfriend if he wishes to, but it’s not his job. Nigerian girls dey over do. LET THEM KNOW OOOO!!!!!


Yes Sir! Kelvin. E dey pain you abi? lol. I will let them know. We shall address the issue.

Now, as a girl, I agree that Nigerian girls have really begun to over do it. It seems like a boyfriend has to provide for his girl’s wants no matter how outrageous. I have never really understood the mindset of both parties but upon further survey and analysis, I have come to realize that both party blame the other for the trend. Below are 4 girls and 3 guys who gave me the viewpoints on the issue. (presentation is mine)

Girl one Stella – Philippians 1:6. He who starts a good work must finish it (at least this is how she quoted it). A guy approaches a girl with promises of heaven and earth when he is wooing her. He takes her out, spoils her with gifts and all. And now that he has gotten her, he wants to stop. Lie Lie!. He shall finish what he started. He will give her that heaven and earth. This is the impression he gave in the beginning. he cannot, after she has agreed to date him, rescind on the verbal agreement. He should park well.

Girl two- Carol- My friend’s boyfriend is taking care of all her needs (or so she says). Why do I have to be spending my own money taking care of myself when I have a boyfriend as well? Is he any different from the other guy? My friend is flaunting all the things her guy bought for her and see me here carrying last. Hell No! I should be able to talk my own too.

Girl three- Lara- Guys are just dogs. They are never faithful. You give them your heart, food and your body and they will still cheat on you with every passing girl. So at the end of the day when he leaves me for a newer model, what do I have to show for it? nothing. zilch. Na, while we are still together, he must provide for me. Abi isn’t it services I am providing.

Girl Four – Ngozi- Guys too dey complain. If a girl is self-sufficient, they will say this one won’t listen to them. Their ego kicks in and they dump the girl. If a girl is demanding from them, they complain that the girl wants to finish their cash. Bo. Their wahala is too much. They should make up their minds.


Guy one- Afolabi- Nigerian girls are greedy and materialistic. End of story. All they see is how their friends who are probably runs girls(Nigerian slang for student call girls), are displaying designer wears and they want to feel among, and then they start harassing their boyfriends to dole out hard-earned cash on them. e easy. they should go and do what their friends are doing and leave guys and their money alone jo.

Guy two-Chucks- Girls seem to have forgotten what a boyfriend is. He is someone who you are attracted to and/or love. He is not your bank or your chauffeur. he is not the one to pay for your friends. Yeah, he can get you things but it’s not his job to do so.

Guy three- Joshua- Its the fault of all these stupid pot-bellied old men. They lure our girls with cash and then the girls are accustomed to the lifestyle and expect their boyfriends to foot the bill. Na wash?

Hmmmm……. so these are the opinions of some Nigerian girls and guys. Now everyone made some ‘good’ points. I am going to reserve my view on the issue and throw it out there to my readers. Let’s debate the issue.
If you are a Nigerian, what do you think is the genesis of this trend? Who is to blame.

If you are not Nigerian, Is there a similar trend in your country? Do you think it’s the guy’s duty to pay for his girl?
Drop a line , let’s hash this out.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Its both ways…girls no wan carry last cos guys cheat.its mostly outta insecurity. If a mature girl feels very secure in d relationship and d guy is faithful…she would be patient and work with you. A mature girl would take a faithful loving guy anyday over a gucci if u ask me. Girls crave appreciation at whatever age even our mothers do. Its in a girls nature. Everyone loves nice stuff and a guy who has d funds will be expected by his girlfriend to appreciate her.How you choose to do this depends on u. Some people translate appreciation as wanting to give her new toys and gadgets but there are also others ways to show appreciation that don’t involve breaking the bank. That said, some girls are plain gold diggers and some guys are plain cheaters.

    1. herapereira says:

      Thanks for the mature response. thats my view too but It swings both ways. Don’t guys want to be shown appreciation as well?

  2. Dr Quadri says:

    Another interesting article.
    My own little experience of a lady I took an interest in a little while back. We got talking, started hanging out together and I told her I like her. I tried to do my bit (as a chyker) to take her to fun places from time to time as often as my work could permit as well as getting random gifts to spicen the whole thing up and all seemed to be going fine. UNTIL, she took it upon herself to let me know ‘I had to step it up a notch’. (PS: we weren’t yet officially going out). 1st it was money to make her hair, then it was a pretty shoe she really wanted, then her designer perfume just finished (God knows I never percieved the scent of the laSt 1). When she told me her birthday was the next month and there’s this phone she want, I knew I had to humble myself and say “this one pass my power”, as we say in chess ‘I humbly resigned’.
    Am not against spending for someone you like/love, but when she starts to make demands and gets angry when you can’t foot them all, then brother ‘come down and wait for the next bus’.
    Remember there are good reasonable 9ja ladies out there, so find your own.

    1. herapereira says:

      LMAO at ‘never perceived the scent of the last 1″ But don’t you think you contributed to it. She got used to the gifts u were giving her and saw it as a right to demand. Its a classic case of give an inch, they take a mile. I feel your pain sha. Spend that money on your sisters next time.

  3. Bea(not real name) says:

    People have become greedy,plain and simple. And unlike back then when it was done with finesse now it’s right in ur face! And it goes both ways!! Why should your boyfriend(even if just a random guy) take you on a date and you bring along 2 extra handbags?? That’s silly! If he wanted a groupie he probably would have asked. Then you have the nerve 2 tell him to “represent” and not disgrace you? Seriously??
    And guys now,seem to have lost it somewhere,they also want ladies to foot their bills and yet when she does,they develop an attitude and say she’s too independent and isn’t submissive cos their ego is threatened??
    Honestly I think we need to return to the basics. You should date someone because you like them&they make u feel special. With this,comes the feeling of wanting to do something nice for your partner,cos it makes u feel special when u see his or her eyes light up with surprise. Everybody wants a win-win situation in relationship matters,doesn’t always work that way(unfortunately)*smiling*

    1. herapereira says:

      Thanks for your input. We need to change this but i doubt if it can change in our generation. We should give our kids the right orientation for things to get better.

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