Now I had no intention of writing anything today but I am so mad that I have to vent. I was strolling through Facebook where I came across an article about a girl being harassed and disgraced for dressing indecent in Abuja. The street boys tore her clothings and yelled obscenities at her and ofcourse some people were standing around taking pictures and videos. It was a really ugly scene


Now, from the pictures, One can see that the only exposed parts happened to be the legs. As a woman and a reasonable human being, I was outraged by their actions but I was even more outraged by the comments left by some ********* saying that she deserved it; her actions are ungodly, she should have gotten raped sef and that it’s not in our culture. Are you guys for real?????
First of all, he who is without sin  should cast the first stone. The street boys doing this are probably drug peddlers, thugs and thieves and they have the right to pass judgement on someone else? Really? Yes, I agree that some of our girls do not dress well, but neither do the guys. Is it not hypocrisy that a guy can go around shirtless with a sagging trouser and half his Scooby doo boxers showing and have no repercussion, And this girl(who doesn’t even come in the top 200 million for worst dressed) is being disgraced for wearing a LBD. Are we still in the dark ages? So are their actions then godly? You say someone is sinning. You then sin to show them the wrongness of their sins??? Like how does that make sense?
And to those peddling the Not in our culture slogan, check your history or watch more movies. The culture issue has been on my bucket lists on issues to discuss before I die (or stop blogging, whichever comes first), so I am almost glad (if I wasn’t so angry, I would have completely glad) that the opportunity has presented itself. Before the Europeans and religion came, we no dey wear cloth!!!!! Only the essentials were covered and in some cultures, not even that. So which culture are you then talking about? I am even going too far. Look at the outfits in the 60s and 70s. The maidens wore little clothing. icsn_dance_troop_at_iri_jiweb


tummy expo 2

tummy exposed

So, the culture argument holds no water. Our minds have gotten corrupt and instead of us to address our corrupt mind, we try to shift blame. Religion has taught us the need to cover up, but it is NOT a culture thing. (My opinion)

Now I am not trying to justify what she is wearing or what some girls wear. I personally believe a girl looks 100 times better when she is decently dressed in well put together pieces BUT that’s my personal opinion. IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS and it is none of yours. A lot of mad people are on the street half-naked. If you feel morally offended by their outfits, go and show them the errors of their ways na. There are only two things involved when you see a stranger inappropriately dressed (If it’s someone you know, you can tell them that what they are wearing isn’t proper). One, shake your head like the rest of us and go your way. Two, approach the person and tell them the errors of their ways. In option two, there are only two things involved. You may genuinely touch the person and influence them positively or you may receive a very delicious slap or a tongue lashing. (However, if it is a mad person, there is only one thing involved) The choice is yours.

As to those advocating that she should have been raped,*******************************************************************************************. I am not diplomatic enough to find less offensive words to convey how I really feel about you and too polite to express it here. My kid sisters read this.

Tf they can put the energies expended in harrassing women into battling corruption in Nigeria, we would be a much better country.
Drop your line. Share your thoughts.

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  1. zainab says:

    Wow, that’s sick oh! So as they tore ha clothes, were they able to cover more skin. And for those ‘godly’ people that want thugs to rape some else’s child because she makes bad decisions, wow!!!

    1. herapereira says:

      i tire for the matter

  2. My dear, dats nija for u o…. We complain we r not like developed countries, but act like ppl still living in d dark ages…. Sometimes, d things ppl say when things like this happens, make u wonder if they actually reason b4 they talk… Its quite unfortunate, dat most of d ppl who say stuff like dat r women….
    Also, try reading d story of d girl dat got raped in a bus in india last year, n d comments some ppl made, I’m sure saying u’ll b mad wit anger will b an understatement… Hoping to hear ur take on that issue

    1. herapereira says:

      yeah I read on the India girl case. Made me very sad. though i didn’t understand the riots and why innocent people had to have their cars burnt. But Anger is a troubling thing. It is even worse that she died. It would have been a more uplifting tale if she had been able to overcome it. We are losing our humanity every day

  3. Fidelis Aidelomon says:

    I think they should try and visit calabar during the calabar carnival and maybe they will see the kind of culture we really had and still have.

    1. herapereira says:

      Abi O! though those same set of people would say that calabar festival isn’t reflecting on our culture, but atleast they watch films that show life in those days…………

  4. kemmy says:

    I thought it was only me that was sickened by that useless video. this country is ac corrupt as it can get. so where is the morals they were ranting about. if she had been forcefully covered, i would have been happy. but trying to strip her naked just shows how morally decayed these barbarians are..#Vexing gaan ni..mtchew.

    1. herapereira says:

      My sister. I feel your anger. What did she wear that is so bad sef. hypocritical frustrated boys. But it is the so called “enlightened’ folks’ comment that pain me pass. see as we are still acting like its 1900s

  5. Twitchy Witch says:

    I approve of this rant! For the sake of the people that need to hear how it is, continue your truths!
    ~Twitchy the Witch


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