“I Have Arrived” Syndrome. Is it a Black thing?

Bode comes out of his 2013 BMW 7 Series, turns around and sees his CEO who happens to be british, smiling at him. This is the first time they have ever met in the parking lot.
‘Nice car’ his boss says.
‘Thank you sir’, he responds.
‘One of these go for 80 thousand dollars , doesn’t it?’
‘Yes…… eh….. 74 thousand actually…..but I am paying it off slowly.’
‘Of course you are.’ his boss concluded, turning to glance at his 2011 Honda Accord , smiled and walked away.
Now when this story was narrated to me, I can imagine what would have been going through the boss’s mind. Bode just began to work at his company as a junior manager and earns 40,000 dollars a year. His boss earns close to 2 million a year and drives a car that is worth 25,000 dollars.

Now I am not trying to be stereotypical and lump every black person in the same box. It is not my business how people choose to spend their hard-earned money. After all, I no follow them work for am but it seems that there are a lot of people, most especially black people (in my opinion) that tend to go bat-shit crazy when their status in life changes. They want to show that they have arrived and tend to spend rather foolishly. Nigerians especially love to show off. Whether it be in marriage, a high paying job or political office. Most of our politicians tend to buy exotic cars and properties when they get “elected” into office. Why won’t they? It’s not as if they worked for the money. You see people earning 50,000 naira (roughly 350 dollars) buying designer shoes and shirts and blowing their pay in a week. Why? Cos they have to let people know that they have arrived, that their levels have changed. Heavens forbid that Bode loses his job and cannot continue payment on the car. What next?

On the other side of the world, you see a typical black rapper. Their songs are mostly about gangster life, drugs, women and money. In their music videos, they are always covered with expensive blings; pouring away expensive champagne; slick cars, hot girls…. the works. Perhaps this is why some of them end up broke ass brodas after they are no longer as famous. Look at Bow wow. He released 7 albums and was extremely popular in his day and now he is only worth 10,000 dollars ( at least that’s what he told the judge in his child support case) . The Lavish lifestyle didn’t allow him make useful investments and thus there he is. Broke and alone. The List of famous guys who had it all and then blew it all away, go on and on. From Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Allen Iverson, Lawrence Taylor and the likes………… . (Now of course there are guys of other races that waste their millions as well but it just seems more predominant with the blacks. I stand to be corrected) slick-rick-bling2Nelly, Sean "Diddy" Combs, & Jay Z


Now there are a lot of black artists doing well for themselves. Diddy’s net worth as of 2013 is 580 million, Jay Z 500 million, Dr Dre, 380 million. They don’t compare to some of the World’s billionaires who live a very simple lifestyle. For example.


The Genius behind Facebook. This 28-year-old is worth 9.4 BILLION and wears the same shirt and hoodie to work everyday.He married his long time girlfriend in his backyard and still buys MacDonald take out like a normal guy.


Ingvar Kamprad, net worth 3 billion, drives his 15-year-old Volvo and fly economy class. He still haggle prices in the market and eats in cheap restaurants.


Warren Buffet still lives in the Omaha, Nebraska, home he bought for $31,500 more than 50 years ago. When he married his second wife, rather than a lavish affair, it was a brief afternoon wedding at his daughter’s house.
He has also given billions of dollars to charitable causes and begged Washington to increase his taxes.

I assume if one of these men were Nigerian, He would first build mansion in his village; marry 2 extra wives, buy a private jet, only use the latest and the most expensive cars and police escorts. (Again, I am stereotyping. I know. Indulge me)

Again I have to emphasize that this piece is not written to disparage black people or tell people how to spend their hard-earned money. This is for those who forget the “Work hard to play hard” dogma and for those who are more interested in how people perceive them than how heavy their wallets are. Unless you are a billionaire with a product that would NEVER go out of the market, invest your cash, put it in a darn bank or hide it under your bed………whichever works for you. Forget the “I have arrived’ lifestyle. The same people hailing you when they see you in your best will be the same people snickering behind your back when they see your bank account in the red. Be wise.

That being said, Is the “I have arrived” syndrome predominately a black thing? Am I being stereotypical? Drop a line.

My sympathies to the Boston victims in these trying times.

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