Random Thought- Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie apocalypse.

I am fascinated and petrified by zombies. For me, there is nothing scarier, except maybe this guy……


The more I learn about myself, the more I realize I have absolutely zero chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse. I cannot run and I cannot shoot a gun. I am more likely to have a heart attack at the sight of them and hopefully die quickly or stab mysel…………jump off a tall building and hopefully die quickly. The important thing is that I die by my own hands……quickly.

So think about it? Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie apocalypse.


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  1. uche says:

    I have an ongoing fixation with the zombie apocalypse, and a detailed checklist and action plan for what to do should the situation ever arise. In a country of over a 100 million people, law and order as we know it would rapidly break down and we will be over run by the undead in short order. So a few life-extending (notice I didn’t say life-saving?) tips for the blissfully ignorant…

    1) Find supplies: Get medicines, antibiotic creams, batteries, matches/incendiaries, sterilising tablets, dry food, canned goods, and as many weapons as you can find. Hammers, axes, thick planks, crowbars, machetes, and long handled knives are best for quickly dispatching the undead as silently as possible, so as not to attract the attention of more undead and/or living marauders.

    2) Form a large group: There is power in numbers, and if you’re vigilant, all those other people can be used as a decoy if/when the zombies attack, so you get away!

    3) Fortify: If fortifying a house is impractical, find a building with thick, strong walls and high gates, establish a patrol rota and ensure the “buddy system” is implemented at all times (NO one goes anywhere alone, even the loo!)

    4) DO NOT TRY TO LOCATE YOUR LOVED ONES UNLESS YOU ARE A TEAM OF AT LEAST 4 PEOPLE. This allows you to divide guard duty into 6 hour shifts, ensuring everyone gets enough rest while still being able to defend yourselves against threats.

    5) Start praying to whichever deity you believe in: any day could be your last.

    6) Get a dog: If animals remain uninfected, a dog presents an unparalleled early warning system for whoever is on guard duty for the rest of the group. Plus, if you have to run away real fast, the zombies will eat the dog instead!

    7) If it is humanly possible, find the gentleman in the photo above, give him some food and take him in. He will likely be wandering the streets, thirsty and exhausted, but unharmed. Trust me, the zombies won’t want to eat that!

    1. herapereira says:

      hehehe. Just surround your self with 400 pound people and wear a knight outfit, so they cant access my body

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