The Hypocrisy of Bahrain Movie Stations

Having spent a year in Bahrain, I thought I had seen it all in terms of movie censorship. The foreign movies they show are so heavily censored, you wonder if they are worth watching.
Now, I have no qualms with their censoring hardcore inappropriate scenes. They have the right to. It is their country. However, I am stunned that they censor all kissing scenes even the most chaste ones. I remember when Lord of the Ring 3 aired. I was looking forward to my favourite part when Aragorn finally gets his lady at the end. And Bam! Censored at the juiciest part!!! It spoiled the movie experience for me, but I understood why………..sort of
aragorn and arwen

But the most shocking part was in the movie How to train your dragon. The end scene where Astrid kissed Hiccup was edited out. Come on!!!! It is a freaking cartoon. The kiss was less than 2 seconds and did I mention… is a freaking CARTOON!!!!

astrid and hiccup

Seriously, how on earth is this worth censoring?

Then last week, the movie 300 aired. Now this movie I don’t particularly like because of all the gore and blood but I wanted to hear the famous line. “THIS IS SPARTA!!!”, so I tuned in. I figured that the film would be severely edited anyways but Lo and behold, they aired every decapitation, every impalement, EVERYTHING!!!(the nude scenes were edited, of course) And I am sitting there thinking what the fudge? You censor cartoons kissing and allow men(very well-built men to the point of cartoonish) slaughter themselves in TV. That is just wrong jo.

What are you trying to teach the young ones watching?  That violence is permissible but fornication isn’t?  I also watched The patriot(the war scenes were shown completely and Hostel(just for 10 minutes, I cannot stand THIS movie, The first murder was also shown)

Now this isn’t limited to just kissing scenes in movies. I watched in amusement as the scene where the Arab prince was asked to pay 1 billion euros to save his family and the scene where the Arab ladies were seen boarding the Ark were edited out of the movie “2012”. I didn’t get the reason for that. I still don’t. Russians play the villainous roles in a lot of movies, I wonder if their TV stations edit all their parts out or they don’t bother to even air the movies.

russian bad guy
Most Famous Russian Bad guy

Now I cannot dictate to them what scenes they need to show. It is not my business how they run their stations, but if their reason behind hiding all the kissing scenes is to promote morality, then the moral compass here is very faulty. They seem to be placing violence on a lower scale than Sexual context which is just not right. If you are going to censor a movie, then censor it well or don’t censor at all.

So drop a line. What’s your view on this issue? How is the censorship in your country?

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