The Liebster Awards, I will start by thanking my Mo….Wait!!!! Where is my Trophy?

So I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Ardenrr. Now I have no idea what that means, but hey it is an award, so I was super excited. I mean someone likes me. Someone really likes me. I should have paid more attention to the message sent, but all I could think was “Someone likes me, someone really likes me. Then I read her award speech, and I was like …………..aahhhhhh

In few words, Liebster Award is an award to recognize new bloggers. You are only supposed to nominate blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules of the awards are

•Post the award image on your blog — check!
•List 11 random facts about yourself — 11……..only?

•Answer the 11 questions asked by the person/people who nominated you — I can only imagine the questions from Ardenrr. I am in for it.
•Make up 11 questions for those to be nominated — 11 questions. Chei!!
•Nominate 11 people to receive the award. They should have fewer than 200 followers on their blog — Ha Ha! I can punish 11 other people too. That is if I have that many…..
•If you’re nominated, your name and/or link will appear at the bottom of this post.

So as much I love being nominated, it just seems like a lot of work. Phew. But as a true sports woman, here goes.

11 random things.
1. I really like and hate Toddlers and Tiara
Toddlers-and-tiaras Creepy. And she is Real.
2. I secretly wish I could become a wwe diva
3. I sometimes think I am an Alien who has lost her memory and is waiting for her mothership
4. I believe I am a very good fighter but I have never been involved in one. So I may be wrong(Unlikely)
5. I hate the title “Home maker’. Say it as it is…. ‘House wife’ or House Husband’. Don’t sugarcoat it
6. I always wanted to have a really huge dog that would listen to only me
7. I love love love Hindi movies
8. I have watched so many TV series that I wait a couple of years before starting another one so I have season one and two at my disposal.
9. I really want the super power of being able to eat what i like without gaining weight
10. As much as I enjoy blogging, I am also terrified that people would not be interested in my articles.
11. My mother made me read Law because she said I talked too much. As much as I now love it, My dream profession will always be to become An Indian Heroine (I am Nigerian, but running round mountains and singing appeals to me)

madhuri-dixit-and-sridevi-dance-jhalak-dikhhla-jaa-5-grand-finaleHon My pathetic imitation

Now that wasn’t so hard. Now to answer the questions

•If you could fork-stab one person with no repercussions, would you do it? Who would it be? Just One Person?? Darn it. Definitely. Person. One word. Ebele
•How long have you been blogging? 2 months today yahhhhhhh
•If you could get back one thing you’ve lost, what would it be? My old figure……… eh…..16
•Do you watch porn? Well, I cannot admit that I don’t hate to not watch because it will be admitting to not watching when I may actually be watching which it may not be
•What is your favorite hobby (besides blogging) Playing games, PC or PS
•Do you have any pets? If so, please post a picture, especially if it’s a sloth. No pets. No sloths. Sorry. A sloth seems like a cool pet though. We have two fish once. Hassan and Hussien. We left them in the car during a Move and the Hot Arab Sun………….sob………….
•Do you always wash your hands after using the restroom? Yep! I Think.
•If you could move anywhere you have already visited, where would that be? Already Visited……..Can’t think of such a place.
•What is your favorite TV show that is currently airing and why should I watch it? Supernatural. Two words. Dean Winchester. Seriously, it is an awesome show….Demons, angels, shapeshifters,witches, wendigoes…..Anyone who loves the supernatural would love….Supernatural
Do you hate your job? If so, what would you rather be doing? No. But see No 11 of my Random things
Are you starting to hate this as much as I am? It is exhausting. I hate you

So these are My Nominees. Now I don’t know If I have up to 11 bloggers that need this because most of the blogs I follow seem well established, but I will give it my best shot.

Sandra _ One of the most gorgeous people I have ever met. She writes on the beauty and maintenance of Natural Hair. She has me considering cutting off my hair, which isn’t long to begin with and starting el naturale(did I spell this right)

Harsh Reality I simply love this blog. The wit. The sarcasm. Timeless

Ilsa Aida – A Plus size Diva. She writes almost as good as me. (I am going to get a tongue lashing for that). But Seriously Things seen through her eyes makes for an awesome read

kemmy Mum to the best behaved Two year old I know. she constantly features my articles on her blog and says that I write like a dream, so she is a plus one in my book.

Frieda I hate her because she has a figure that I could only get with the use of a superpower. A fashionista and a humanitarian, her blog is simply a good read

VisaLusden Simply Because I love any body trying to better themselves

I relateShe introduced me to the world of Blogging. I read her articles everyday.

Event Finesse I like weddings. She does Weddings.

I am sorry. This is the best of I could do………… I am officially exhausted. Oh wait! I am not done. Still have to send 11 questions. Perfect!!!

What is your greatest Phobia?
If you were a super hero, who would you be?
Do you hate to type?
What is your favourite love story?
Zombies or Vampires?
If the world was coming to an end in 10 minutes, what would be your last meal?
Would you kill Hitler if you had the chance to time travel and meet him as a baby?
Do you think people in the world worry too much?
What is your drink of choice?
Do you find the terms of this award exhausting?
Do you like me? Only one answer available here.

So Congrats “winners” . Waiting to see your responses.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. ardenrr says:


    1. herapereira says:

      Hurray. I loved Buffy too. Hated the ending. Like why on earth would they kill Spike? Horrid

      1. ardenrr says:

        Do you not watch Angel?

      2. herapereira says:

        Season one only. Not quite the same for me

      3. ardenrr says:

        It isn’t but just wait … You get some odd closure on some things 🙂

      4. herapereira says:

        ahaaaa. Guess I will have to google it. Thanks. Hugs….. cough………Sisterly hand shake

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I really appreciate the mention. 🙂

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