Atilla The Hun didn’t watch Movies…………

Attila the Hun

I recently joined the The daily post a unique wordpress initiative that gives bloggers daily writing challenges and is really an awesome source of inspiration.

This Weekly Writing Challenge is

Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world?

I voted an emphatic NO!!!


Humans are the most violent creatures in the world and we have never needed TV to inspire us to kill ourselves and others. It is something that comes naturally to us. Think about it.

First Known Murder is the biblical story of Cain and Abel where Cain killed his brother in a fit of rage. I am pretty sure that there were no Television or movies at that time. (I may be wrong. I wasn’t there but I am pretty sure they wasn’t)

cain and abel

Violence is NOT new to human. Since the creation of earth, Man has been involved in countless wars. Death was just one of those things. Look at some of the worst mass murderers. Attila the hun; Ivan the terrible, Leopold, Maximilien Robespierre, Vlad the impaler. They didn’t watch movies. Our History is extremely bloody and wild. There is a reason why the term “wild wild west’ exist
Fast forward to the 21st century (where humans were expected to be more civilized), we still had people like Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin who orchestrated millions of murders and death. Wars are ongoing in several African countries. Torture……maiming…….(This write-up is depressing, isn’t it)


On a lighter note, let’s examine the role of movies

A lot of Nigerians watched indian movies in the 80s.(Ofcourse a lot of them would deny it now, because it is uncool to admit that you watched the movies, but y’all know you did. least ONE). There existed a lot of revenge movies where the dacoits (villain) or the evil Thakur kills the hero’s family and the hero swears revenge when he grows up. He grows up, kills the bad guy and a whole bunch of other people who gets in his way.

Ram-LakhanAgneepathyaadon ki baratkaran arjun

Growing up then, I used to hail the hero/ heroes. Afterall, the bad guy is so evil he deserved to die. So when common sense started to seep in, I began to wonder why the hero was killing anyone at all (if he is the good guy). More importantly, why was he killing all the other goons as well who are probably the same age as he. It’s not as if they also killed his family. They were not even born then. Of course I couldn’t understand(and I still don’t) why they(the goons) would go and fight someone, who you have just seen beat and kill 10 other guys. Common sense should tell them that you don’t stand a chance. Common sense should tell them to run.

Present day, there are a lot of violent video games and a lot of violent movies. Why do they exist in the first place? Because we humans like violence. We enjoy it in a perverse way. We have become so desensitized to death in movies that we don’t envision them as real..most of us anyways. So I think it is hypocritical to blame the movies for people’s actions. It is merely an excuse. It is like blaming alcohol for getting you drunk and not yourself for drinking it in the first place.


Though I would make one concession. Violent movies do make violence seem cool, which is wrong. I cannot deny I am a big fan of Kill Bill series. I think that the heroine was darling.

kill bill

But would I go out and buy a samurai sword and kill a whole bunch of people? Ofcourse Not. ( And It is not just because I don’t know where to get one and I am likely to cut myself first). It is just common sense.

But then again Common sense may not be so common…………. So if you are stupid, that is your fault and not that of movies.

My two cents.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. dr que says:

    1st question! Why so many indian pictures???
    Well you do however have a point, cos Chinese history has been fraught with one war after the other, with the concurrent murder of thousands. They certainly didn’t have TVs and video games. Man is prone to violence that’s why we enjoy the movies and games. Probably we should only aim to keep it away from the younger generation, not that the won’t be like us, but let’s try to delay it as much as we can.
    Can I have my share of the two cents? 😀

    1. herapereira says:

      I agree wit u . Our younger generation should be kept away from violent movie until they are old enough to understand, but we can’t shift responsibility and blame movies.
      here 0.00000056 . I may have to share the two cents with others as

  2. Hades says:

    you’ve hit the nail right on its proverbial head
    mankind (& womankind too) has never needed much motivation when it comes to reasons to commit violence…in fact, in ancient times it was especially bloody
    I think ‘violent’ films actually help us indulge (vicariously) in our innate need for violence
    my 25 cents

    1. herapereira says:

      Aha Special mention to the ‘god’ that gave me the name Hera. Hades. (aside)We need to start with stronger currency than cents.
      if violent movies are there to satisfy our innate need for violence, Why do we need to blame these movies for the actions of those people that movies alone don’t satisfy? It is not the movies’ fault but their own darn stupidity.
      What took you so long to comment on my blog?

      1. Hades says:

        ’cause I was planning some nefariousness (copyright pending)
        but I read what my sister-in-law (presently & future) writes

      2. herapereira says:

        You always are! I am sure. (looks around) You are not referring to me as your sister in law. Of course Not

  3. Your views are correct, but it is missing one thing. The old adage that says ” you are what you eat. ” is also a factor here. One cannot bath with swine and come out smelling like roses. If you are immersed in violence, you will act out in violence. One will do, only what he knows .

    1. herapereira says:

      Thank you for commenting. I agree with you to an extent. But look at it from this angle. Isn’t it possible that violent movies helps suppress our innate tendency for violence. We have had a very bloody history. I think most people suppress their need for violence and death and war with video games and movies. Why do you think games like Call of duty and Resident Evil are so popular? I think it is doing us a favour.
      On a side note, I am currently immersed with fantasy and super hero flick, yet I am unable to act out in either. lol

      1. “Hera” joined the Superfriends in 1976! Weren’t you watching?

  4. herapereira says:

    1976? My parents haven’t even met then. lol.

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