Daily Prompt. Having Hope

The daily post presently has a challenge titled Unleash your inner dickinson. I usually don’t do poems but this is an issue close to my heart and a lot of women out there . So here it goes

Only one line appears on the stick
Her heart sinks but she has hope
The red-letter days has failed to appear
So it must be a false negative
She has hope

The red letter days have come and gone
Her heart sinks further but she has hope
It has only been five years
Feels like ten
But God’s time must be the best
She has hope

She sits alone in the corner of the room at the party
All the women straddling their babies and mingling
She feels all eyes on her
She is after all an African woman
But she doesn’t lose hope

She takes a lot of drugs
She googles new ideas everyday
She is registered to 100 sites
She is always looking for the next miracle solution
She still has hope

They are fighting again
She accuses him of cheating
He says she has grown obsessed.
It is a long cold night
She has almost lost all hope

She is late again
This time, she spots a faint line on the stick
She is afraid to hope
Could it be?
The doctor confirms it.

It has been a very rough nine months
A very difficult pregnancy it had been
There is a breach, A cesarean is needed
But at the end of the day, she cradles her baby girl
Little Miss Hope Adebayo lets out her first cry

African American mother and newborn baby

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  1. tokunbo ogunwale says:


  2. veevee says:

    Simply beautiful

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