Rant- Say Sorry!!!!

I woke up angry this morning. This is very new to me because while I am quick to anger, my anger is also quick to dissipate. That is one thing I have always prided myself on….my inability to hold a grudge. However, I am still angry over an incident yesterday

Strangely, what has gotten me so worked up is actually a small and insignificant incident. I was helping someone organise her party and she yelled at me, for talking to someone instead of helping, which made me extremely mad. I had been with her since 9.00 a.m in the morning (I was the only one that was called in that early) and It was 7.00 in the evening. I am not obliged to help and I didn’t deserve being yelled at for taking a break after spending the greater part of my day cooking and cleaning for you. I made it clear that I didn’t appreciate that. Now this would have been a breeze and a forgotten issue but instead of just apologising, she insisted that she was only joking, she didn’t know she yelled and I am too touchy…………. see why I am still angry.
For me, it has always been common sense that if you get someone angry, whether intentionally or not, whether a joke or not, it is proper courtesy to say ‘sorry’. The person does not care about your intention at that moment. The fact is that the person is offended by what you have said. It tends to make a person more furious when you insist that it was a joke and see no need to apologise. Isn’t it apparent that the offended party is not amused?

I have always been a confrontational person when I am angry. I find it easier than keeping malice and turning to gossip. You make me mad, I will tell you and I let it go. I make you mad (I do have the tendency to make some people mad…… It is part of my charm), tell me. I like apologising…………I will apologize. Sorry is such an easy word. I don’t get why people have a hard time saying it. I never repeat a confrontation, which is probably why I am still angry because I am still offended and cannot do anything about it except rant. And the most irritating thing about anger………….only YOU suffers. Most times, the other party does not care and is busy doing other things while you are left holding anger in your heart.

There! I feel much better already typing this. I can feel the anger slowing oozing out. Typing is obviously therapeutic though my dream anger neutralizer is having a punching bag….
punching bags
My dear readers…. Why is ‘sorry’ so hard for some people to say? How do you deal with your anger? Do you confront the person immediately like I do? Do you wear out your anger with exercise? Or do you prefer to smash things?

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  1. naijabrit88 says:

    I find it hard to say sorry but I do say it eventually. I have fights with my sister and even if she is wrong, I still say sorry first. If someone offends me, I let it go after being irritated for ten minutes. There are times that I hold my anger in but my face fails me. All a person needs to do to see whether I am annoyed, is look at my face. I pull the ugliest face when I am angry.

    1. herapereira says:

      Lol at the uglisest face. I go really coldand silent when I am angry. We all have various ways of dealing our anger. The key is never to let it define who we are at the end of the day

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