Your face is NOT a Colouring Book

She woke up that monday morning with a feeling of excitement and precipitation. Her cousin has finally come through for her. She had a job interview after two years of searching. She knew with her grades, she was an absolute shoo-in for the job, but she wanted to make an impression with her looks. She spent a long time on her makeup, making sure it was perfect.
She got to the interview on time. It started 50 minutes later than it ought to. She was eventually ushered in. The interview panel consisted of one man and two women . As soon as she stepped into the room, she noticed that the panel did a double take. The man held back a smile while the two ladies pursed their lips. She didn’t think anything of it and the interview went relatively smoothly.

A month had passed by and she had not heard anything from the company. She contacted her cousin who got her the interview and asked if he could find out why there was no call back. Later that evening, her cousin contacted her and informed that the panel liked her resume, but were extremely put off by her looks. He said that they thought her makeup was clownish and didn’t represent the kind of staff they were looking for. She was completely perplexed. She was how she thought she looked

Abuja-20130326-00356 Model

this was how the panel saw her.


Now every girl loves a bit of makeup on. There are some girls that are so good at it that they could use a lot of products and still look as though they put minimal makeup. There are others who are better off natural and just a little makeup looks loud on them. There are some…..many girls who should never wear blush….NEVER. The key is finding out what works for your face. Back in school, I used black lipstick all the time. Now Present day Me cannot fathom the reason why School day me thought black lipsticks were cool………What the hell was I thinking? I still cringe anytime I come across any of my old pictures……(shudder).

Some girls don’t get that you cannot wear the same makeup that you would wear to a nightclub, to an interview or even during the day. A few years back, a girl and I used to commute to the office with the same bus transit( BRT). She always have the most outlandish eyeshadow and deep red lipstick with shiny lip gloss. She was a very pretty girl, so I always wondered why she needed so much. For me, it didn’t enhance her features, it diminished them. After a while, we became buddies. One day, we were discussing makeup and I remember asking her what she would do differently in her makeup if she were going to the club. She looked perplexed and responded ‘Nothing’. Go figure.


Now, I am no expert on makeup. (I am no expert on anything), but I believe less is always more. Look at the American celebs. They have a ton of makeup on (Google celebs without makeup and be amazed), but they manage to make it look effortless and not caked on. Our skin colour allows us to get away with different shades of eyeshadow but It should not be abused. Learn to dress for a occasion. Funerals, job interviews, workplace…………visit to your mother-in-law……..heavy makeup is a no no. Clubs, parties, weddings…… can pack it on. Just don’t look like this lady

too much makeup

Drop a line.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Efe says:

    Lovely writer up. This BRT babe, I beg who she be ..:-)

    1. herapereira says:

      Are you trying to get me killed? Will take that to my graveeeee!!!

  2. Excellent article! I have often wondered what I was thinking when I wore 6 inch platform shoes back in the seventies! They always made my shins hurt, but I walked twenty miles in them everyday because that was the “style”! I was secretly relieved when they when out went out of fashion, and Stacy Adams low quarters came back in!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sandeey says:

    hilarious!!! i love this

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