Stop Breeding!!!!

Yesterday, I was having an argument with an old friend (we have the same argument once a week and three things have been made clear. We enjoy the argument; We are NEVER going to agree and We both think we are right). The argument stems from his logic that the white man is still holding down the black man and is the cause for the high rate of unemployment, crime and all that. I am of the view that black people should stop blaming everything on the white man and take responsibility for their own shit (Like I said, we are NEVER going to agree)

This issue got me thinking about people who fail to take responsibility of their own actions and push it on others. Last week, I came across this video.

For those who can’t view the video, It is about a lady, Angel Adams who has fifteen children. YES. FIFTEEN! Now the father of ten of the kids was sent to jail. She got kicked out of their apartment and had to move to a motel with twelve of the kids. Of course, Social Services were trying to help and a News Crew decided to cover her experience. It would have been a run of the mill story but during the interview, she said “Someone needs to be held accountable for all these children. Someone needs to pay for my kids.

what d fuckwmany children

Now this is not a race attack because any idiot can act like this. It is simply irresponsibility. Why should anyone have to pay for YOUR kids? When you were doing this deed that led to their being born, you never informed anyone “Yo. Incase I get pregnant after this unprotected sex I am having, you are responsible….yo”. Well, she did eventually get a 6 room apartment from the government and what do you know? She is pregnant again!!! The audacity of the woman is amazing yet strangely it is not that uncommon in Nigeria.

There are a lot of Nigerian women with more babies than they can afford. In our grandfathers’ days, they had 4 to 5 wives and over 20 children, but they managed to train them all….most of them did. Now you see poor women who can barely feed themselves having 6 or more children. I recall an article in the Newspapers once. A commercial driver and his petty trader wife had 5 children and lived in a one bedroom flat. She got pregnant again and this time, she had quadruplets. That’s right. Four extra kids to add to the Five already. Now she was calling on the government for assistance. The reporter asked her why she decided to get pregnant after 5 children. She responded in pidgin You know sey pikin na gift from God. Im say make we go forth and multiply” (Children are gifts from God. God said that we should go forth and Multiply)

hair tearing

A child is a gift from God. So is Rain, but when we go out, we still have to use our umbrella (Line stolen from the Movie “Fighting Temptation”, but you have to agree that it is very apt). Children are expensive gifts. Very expensive gifts. And just like you don’t buy an expensive gift when you can’t afford it, why have a kid if you cannot afford one. Birth control and protection is so easy and accessible right now. I acknowledge that mistakes do happen and one can get pregnant despite their best efforts at control, but when you get pregnant, one…..twice……thrice. At this point you are just insulting the word ‘mistake’


God said Go forth and Multiply. That was over 3,000 thousand years old, when the earth had like one million people. Now we have over seven Billion. Billion!!! I think there has been enough multiplying. The animals in the forests that have been torn down to make more room for us certainly thinks so. Please stop multiplying.

So single mothers or married mothers alike, It takes two to tango, no doubt but the responsibility lies more on you. No matter how much you like babies, never forget the baby would grow from that cute adorable doll to a child with needs and wants, a child you would have to feed, clothe and educate. The Economy is rough. Good schools get more expensive as the day goes by. Plan your kids and have the number that you are sure you can provide for comfortably, rather than having a lot of children and watch them struggle with hand me downs. Educate yourself on birth control. Stop BREEDING.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Very well said! But if this woman isn’t a wake up call, look at Asia’s 658,000 starving orphans, in India alone!

  2. Hades says:

    that baby factory lady needs help & lots of it
    possibly neutering…or is it spaying?
    nuff said

  3. tokunbo ogunwale says:

    speechless……………….am a woman n i dnt want dat much!!!!
    as for the black folks,they should get over themselves and something about their lives,we have a lot of black people that also grew up in the projects, were abused or something but see them now,they stood up dusted themselves and became somebody, so i disagree with your friend!

    1. herapereira says:

      I don’t think any woman in her right mind would want so many kids.

  4. bearnextdoor says:

    This post was so funny AND it’s true.. it’s like a 2 in 1 😛

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