Poetry- No One Sees Nigeria

So I am currently suffering from Writer’s block (or is it blogger’s block). I could not formulate a single coherent line all week. Then, a friend asked me to address the current crisis in my home country Nigeria. I declined for two reasons. There are probably 5,000 blogs on that issue right now and I don’t do politics. More importantly, I could not think of any positive or comedic spin I can do to the story. So I am going to do a poem of sorts(Indulge me. I really don’t have skills for poetry)

There is a lot of despair and anarchy in you right now
A lot of people have given up on you
A lot of people are trying to destroy you
But you will not die
You would keep taking the punches and rising

You never get enough credit for being you
Everyone only sees the bad
The unemployment, the scams, the corruption
Murder, Jazz, PHCN and Boko Haram
No one sees how beautiful you truly are

No one sees the people smiling and joyous despite empty pockets and stomachs
You have been voted amongst the top ten happiest nations in the world
No one sees the resilience and determination of your people to succeed
No one sees the friendliness and generosity towards other nations
No one sees

No one sees the vibrant diverse cultures
No one sees the loving and strong family units that you ‘create’
No one sees the geniuses, both book smart and street smart
No one sees the amazing music, movie geniuses that have come from you
No One sees

But I see you
Nigeria, My Nigeria
My troubled beautiful Paradise
I miss you
People wonder what is in you to miss?
They say I should be glad that I am not with you anymore
But I am not glad.

I see you
All the wrongs. All the rights.
I see you struggling to stay as one
I am Optimistic that one day you would be healed.
So, Others can see you too


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  1. semi says:


  2. Hades says:

    real nice

  3. Even though you said that poetry is not your strong point, you still took me there! Great job!

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