Is This It…..No Really….is this IT?

I came across this today. This is a perfect reflection of my current state of mind. Enjoy

Culture Monk

Is This IT


by Kenneth Justice

~Have you ever woke up and wondered, ‘is this it?”

I was really sick for the past three days (note my absence on the blog) but despite being REALLY sick….I had three days to sit in bed and wonder….

Is This It?

In my NyQuil-induced comatose state I turned on daytime television and it was exactly as I had left it 10 years ago, although Bob Barker seemed to be quite a bit younger and had glasses….Plastic Surgeons sure seem to be doing wonders for people these days.

Is This It?

The daytime and evening news was drowning in coverage over the PowerBall lottery which the state of California recently joined….people all over the United States are standing in hour long lines for their chance to win 650 Million dollars……..

Is This It?

A mathematics Professor from California was interviewed and said, “If you purchased 100 tickets…

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