Rant- Leave Pregnant Women Alone!!!!!!

I came across this article on Yahoo that made me angry. It turns out that Cozy Belly is selling some new pregnancy shape wear for pregnant women. This is not some gear like Belly Band that helps pregnant woman who need the abdominal support to reduce back pain. No No….In Cozy Belly’s own words

“For pregnant women who want to gain a little extra control over the shape of their body, we offer pregnancy shapewear. If you want to cover up some of those extra pounds, for instance, we offer stomach shapers and slimming body suits.”

Are you Kidding me? Women are ALREADY subjected to a stereotype perfect body image and now the ONE time that they can let go and be free, the ONE time that they can eat whatever they like (within reason, baby safety first. no one should gain too much during pregnancy), you are trying to tell them to be self-conscious of their body. You are trying to tell them that the extra pounds that they gained which is a natural part of being pregnant is unsightly and should be hidden under spanxs, body magic, body shapers, whatever!!! What is wrong with this world? It is bad enough that women feel the need to look perfect in dresses they wear on a daily basis by using tightening undergarments (I will not lie. I do have two), but to ask pregnant women to do same is ridiculous. To even suggest that any pregnant woman would need to ‘cover up some of those extra pounds’ is the most annoying thing I have read this month (and I read a lot of annoying things)

This is nothing new. Old cemeteries are full of the graves of young women who died in childbirth during the 1800s after having worn constricting corsets their whole lives, actually changing the shapes of their ribs for vanity’s sake. You’d think we would have learned…

Then, doctors objected to its health risks, religious leaders objected to the display of the exaggerated female shape, and feminists claimed the corset as a real and symbolic imprisonment of women. In terms of health concerns, lots of illnesses were attributed to the corset (tuberculosis, liver disease, even cancer) (I think that part is exaggerated), but most definitely a corset prevented proper muscle development. Why do you think the women back then were so frail? They even had ‘fainting rooms’.

Pregnant women do not need any restricting garments. They don’t.The baby certainly doesn’t need it. A pregnant woman should be glowing and revelling at the joy on bringing in new life, and not worrying that the new life has made her gain a few pounds. The vanity can begin AFTER the baby is born. The woman can wear all the body shapers they want, nobody cares. But put your baby into consideration. Unless you have back issues or your doctor recommends some form of support, you DON’t need to be worrying about how you look when pregnant. Make a plan to get your old body back AFTER the baby is born if it bothers you so much, but whilst you are pregnant, put the baby first. Being pregnant is not an excuse to over eat, but it is that one time that you don’t have to suck in your stomach to ‘look good’. It is that one time that you can enjoy being you. Relax. Carrying a baby the size of a watermelon is hard enough without wearing body shapers.

Leave Pregnant Women Alone!!!!


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  1. livelytwist says:

    Thanks for ranting. When I was pregnant, I was concerned about my nose doubling in size as my face stretched (to accomodate what exactly?). Would I need plastic surgery afterward? My torso was the least bit of my concerns… am I vain or am I vain? 🙂 I think if a woman is sooo worried about her figure, she shouldn’t have kids- it’s the reason I’m not going for number 3! Hopefully, this new ‘contraption’ will die from lack of sales?

    1. herapereira says:

      Just two? Really. I doubt that it would die.If you are so afraid of your figure changing that you are going to have just TWO kids, imagine the millions of women out there that are going to buy this in the hope that afterwards, they get their pre pregnancy body back immediately. Just imagine

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