All Fish/Fishes Go to Heaven- An Ode to Hassan and Hussein

Happy New Month People. Sorry, it has been a while since I posted. The hard life of sitting at home in front of a computer finally wore me down, but I am feeling relatively much better now.

Over the weekend, I grilled some whole fish…fishes for my husband and his drinking buddies, but they did not meet. So, with much ‘reluctance’, I decided to eat it.
Aisha o(boss lady_=)) Hera Pereiraعائشة

Yeah, when I took this picture, I noticed how angry the fish looked. Now, I am no vegetarian, so I felt no guilt eating fish, but it reminded me of my dark past. It reminded me of Hassan and Hussein.

Hassan and Hussein were the names I gave to my husband’s gold fish….fishes(Not sure which is correct. I think both are, but for fun, I am going to use both) When I first joined him in Bahrain, I was introduced to them. Now, I have never had a pet in my life, so this was new and exciting. Plus the fact that you didn’t have to clean after them excited me… I thought. We had a deal that he would keep their bowl clean. All I had to do is feed them everyday.

Trust Men. After I arrived, he never cleaned the bowl once. I was very amazed at how dirty fish were. Every week, I had to carry their ridiculously heavy fish bowl to the kitchen, transfer them to a small container and wash every single darn pepple. I hated that. My husband called it excellent training for future kids, which is ridiculous. At least, with kids, you get some affection back which makes the whole experience worth it. Even dogs and cats shows some affection. Fish just stares.

fish staring

In September, we were moving house and we had spent the whole day packing. We had moved most of the stuffs to the car and when I went back up for a walk through, I noticed that we have forgotten Hassan and Hussein. I decided to carry them down instead of doing the wise thing of calling the hubby upstairs. The bowl was ridiculously heavy and I decided to put it down on the lift. What happened next, I cannot still explain today. As soon as the really thick bowl came in contact with the floor, it shattered. Now I was extremely careful putting it down, so I could not understand how that happened. I quickly rushed down, got a small bowl, filled it with water and saved the fish….fishes. Now the part I am not too proud of. There was no way the hubby was going to believe that I didn’t drop the bowl, So I concocted a White Lie that some of the building kids bumped into me in the elevator and caused the bowl to drop. The kids in that building were always running and bumping into us, so it was very believable. We agreed to buy a new fish bowl in the evening.

So, we moved our things into the apartment. It was a very hot sunny day, and the move left us exhausted and hungry. Then around 5p.m, my husband went to the car for some reason and came back up looking very somber. He announced that Hassan and Hussein were dead. I could not believe it. First, I could not believe that we forgot them ….AGAIN. And that my strong resilient gold fish…fishes were dead. It seemed impossible. My husband said the sun heated up their bowl greatly and the boiling water killed them. I vividly remembered the conversation we had.
Me- ‘Oh My God, We killed them’
Husband- ‘We didn’t kill them’
Me- ‘We are murderers’
Husband- ‘Stop Jo. We forgot them in the car. We didn’t kill them’
Me- ‘We could not even keep two gold-fish alive. We let them fry in the sun………….Are they edible?’
Husband- &%&$#()$#^ (I cannot remember his response)

I remember feeling a sense of guilt about their death and guilt at the fact that I felt happy that I did not have to clean their bowl anymore. I think I actually mourned them that day. My poor innocent fish..fishes. I am so sorry. My husband wanted to have you replaced, but I would not have that. I wrote this ode for you to be forever imprinted in poetry.


Dear Fish….Fishes. No Longer

With this sorrow, with this anguish, break my spirit

We are Sorry We Killed you

Our bad

gold fish

5 Comments Add yours

  1. naijabrit88 says:

    It’s sad your fishes died but “We could not even keep two gold-fish alive. We let them fry in the sun………….Are they edible?’” cracked me up! 🙂

    1. herapereira says:

      Lol. The wierd thing is I was absolutely serious when I said that. Now it seems funny. Then it was tragedic. How far Law School?

      1. naijabrit88 says:

        So far so good. 🙂 I just have to wait till the 17th to see whether I have gotten in. Thank you for asking. 🙂

  2. Sandeey says:

    Haha at the conversation! Nice write up!

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