From Middle East to Nigeria- Hajara’s Collections

Hello, everyone. Today is not a post per se, but a message from one of my sponsors. (Yeah, I got sponsors. Hurray me). Hajara’s collection is a new business set on bringing some of the most exotic and wonderful pieces (No, they don’t have only black Abayas here. Yeah I was surprised too) from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to my home country Nigeria. with wonderful pieces and affordable prices, it is a bargain that you don’t want to miss.

These are some of the collections currently en route to Nigeria. Place your orders now and get them within a week.

IMG_20130604_00212417 H1











IMG_20130604_00212330 H15

IMG-20130227-00238 H16

The Best part is that these collections are super affordable and of good quality. NO Hyper Inflation like some vendors tend to do(I really hate it when I am tricked into paying a much greater value for an item that is worth far less and I would not subject my readers to that). That was the only stipulation I gave before accepting this deal. No doubling of the price and no inferior goods (That’s two stipulations. Need to work on my Math).

For Price and delivery Details, please contact Hajara’s collections. 08089338675, 07062263030 (Nigeria) or +97336200139 (Bahrain)
Happy Shopping………

Disclaimer- I am not sure what to write here, but I suppose I should have one. So this is a disclaimer.

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  1. kemmy says:

    Beautiful collections here!

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