Confessions of an Orobo(Plus Size) Chick

I was sent this hilarious video by OmogeKofo. It was so funny that it inspired me to do this prayer.

Confessions of an Orobo(Plus Size) Chick

Forgive me Lord because I have sinned………..again
I Know by now you go don tire for my matter
But Lord, what can I do?
Temptations Temptations all around

Lord, you know that I tried
The Velvet Cake sat there in the fridge for HOURS
Lord, you know how much I resisted it
Going for Rabbit Food while Ignoring it
Ignoring the wonderful aroma
Lord, you know that I tried

This is not my fault, you know
We should blame the bakery
For producing calorie filled poisons
We should blame my sister
For having her birthday and bringing Cake to the house
Imagine that

Finally, Lord, it is your fault
No, don’t turn me to salt just yet
Think about it for a second
You are the creator of all things
You created this, not me

You made a cake taste heavenly
And Kale and Spinach taste like Grass(hell)
And I am not a cow
(Long Pause)
And I am NOT a goat

Carrots and celery sticks make no sense
If you wanted us to eat them, you would have made them tastier
If you wanted us to eat them, you would have made it visually appealing
If you wanted us to eat them, you would have made our taste buds like it
In conclusion, you really didn’t think this through, Lord

So here I am, confessing once more
Yeah Lord, I intend to make penance
Dusted my gym shoes and top
Would make sure that I burn off the Velvet Cake
10 minutes on the treadmill will do the trick

Please Lord, I only have one request
I need you to reverse the rules
If yummy food like cake, hot dogs and burgers make us fat,
then make them look like cat poo
We will avoid them
Or Maybe not……..
Lord I am so Confused!!

Thank you Lord for Listening
Off to the gym
Till my next Confession
Yes Lord, I will try this time
To make it at least 6 hours
Between each Confession
Don’t rub it in



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