My Almost Robbery Incidences….

Ok, this has officially been my worst month for blogging. I have been unbelievably lazy. (I am usually lazy, but this time ‘unbelievably’ so). Typing is my biggest chore. I know I should write shorter posts, but I am somehow incapable of writing short posts. I have an innate desire to ramble on and on, instead of dealing with the topic I intend to discuss…………kinda like I am doing right now.

SO, I have never considered myself a lucky person. In fact, I consider myself quite unlucky. I am that student who, on the day she misses school, something fun happens. I am that dieter, who starts on a regiment with a friend and that friend goes on to lose oodles of weight while I am left struggling with a few pounds. I am that daughter, who inherited all the worst features of my parents, from the annoying freckles under the eyes from my mother; the huge nose from my dad and my material grandmother’s arms.

I cannot make clothes, even though my mum is a guru. I cannot make beads, even though my sister could. I have no interest in business, even though the opportunity has presented itself lot of times. The only skills I can say I have are my ability to research, my mediocre writing skills and my unmarketable talent as a masseuse.

Despite this, I have been really lucky in one aspect. My family home has never been robbed and IA shall never be. I have never really been successfully robbed. Robbery here refers to simple theft, not the armed kind. Yeah, I am sure I have had friends steal money from me. I even had a friend swipe a gold chain of mine. However, in both incidences, I didn’t even notice. I only realized the chain was missing when I stumbled upon it in her wardrobe, so that doesn’t count. Two special incidences come to mind.

I was returning from class one day. A good friend of mine dropped me off in front of my room. Riding in her car were her room mate and another friend. It was just a regular day until I got to my room and discovered my cellphone was gone. Now, a cellphone back then was a really really big deal. Mobile services had just started and they were really expensive. At first, I was sure I had it on me and wasted thirty minutes ransacking my room. I called my friend with my roommate’s phone and told her I must have dropped my phone in her car, but it has been switched off. She said she was at the mechanic and she had not noticed any phone. I rushed off to where she was fixing her car which was a good twenty minutes away from the hostel. We turned her car upside down but saw nothing. I was very sure that one of the mechanics had taken the phone, but I had no proof. I was extremely heartbroken thinking of the money(which I did not have) that I would have to spend to purchase a new phone and a new sim. A week later, my friend with the car and the other girl who rode with us, came to my room. They called me outside and handed me a phone and asked if it was mine. It looked like mine but I was not sure until I turned it on and it had my entry phrase “Life is beautiful” (Yeah MTN eventually stole the phrase from me or from the Indian movie I stole it from and made it one of their catch phrases, but as of then, it was uniquely mine). It was discovered in her room mate’s bag. They had suspected her because she had stolen from them before. I was too happy to get my phone back that vengeance or a confrontation was the last thing on my mind. We all kept mum about it and waited to see if she would raise alarm that her phone was missing. She never did, even though she saw me using the phone again.

Second Incidence- School again. We were having a wave of robbery incidences in the school and it was very worrisome. My roommates and I had a burglary proof installed for the front door and sliding doors at the back. My brother had recently gained admission into the school. The day before, I had withdrawn his pocket-money and mine and put in a briefcase on top of my wardrobe. I was never too cautious with money because I knew my room mates never stole. That night, we were all out and our room was burglarized and thrashed. The thief had destroyed the lock on our burglary proof and gotten access. Our bags and items were all thrown out. All my room mates’ money were missing. My briefcase was nowhere to be found and I assumed my money was gone too. We were all in shock. I was worse off because this was not just my money involved. After an hour moaning and cursing the school for its lack of security, my room mates went to retrieve the items thrown out. One of them brought the briefcase in for me. I gestured to her to drop in on the bed. I was thinking of how I was going to call my folks to send money again. It was something that did not appeal to me. Then, for no good reason, I decided to check the bag. (this is a habit I have since adopted. I now check the same place at least three times when I am looking for an item). The money was there. I almost screamed. I remembered thinking. “What kind of stupid thieves are these?”. I was so happy, but I could not celebrate. I went out of the room to inform my brother that our money was safe. I also took the opportunity to jump up and down in joy, before returning to the room with a very somber look.

So, that’s my story. I guess I should not consider myself so unlucky, though I am hoping I have not jinxed it. I try to be as cautious as possible. Everytime, I get those scam mails, I have the urge to respond “Ode’ or ‘Fool’, but what always stops me is the fear that scammer may hack into my non-existent bank account or all my social media accounts and make my life a living hell. So I decided to maintain my championship. And as I feared, this is another long post. Go figure.

Share your robbery or near robbery experiences,

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  1. naijabrit88 says:

    Wow. Thankfully I haven’t been robbed either. During the Lagos Barracks bomb blast in 2002 (I was in boarding school at the time) while everyone was supposedly downstairs shielding themselves, I had numerous things stolen from me and wouldn’t be surprised if others did too.

    I’ve learnt something from your post. There were a few times that I would curse scam spammers back through their emails but now I know not to do that.

    1. naijabrit88 says:

      Just to be clear, I mean, I’ve never had a major robbery i.e. armed robbery happen to me, just minor thefts including money.

    2. herapereira says:

      I can just imagine. I have never understood how people have the mindset to rob when everything is falling apart around them.

      Yes o. We don’t know the capabilities of these scammers. We gats be careful. Thanks for commenting

  2. anashayne says:

    I’ve actually had my parents home broken into 3 times when I was growing up, one of which I actually walked in as one of the men ran out of the living room, out the busted back door, and hopped over the fence, my scaring him making him drop one of the bags he was about to take off with. I chased him down the street, unaware of what could happen… And I’ve since had many many small thefts. Let me tell you, its never easier to deal with, and it makes trusting so much harder. I don’t think I could EVER have a roommate again that wasn’t my boyfriend or soon to be husband. I just can’t do it. And I’m only 20.
    I have had the chance to help others get back things, I helped a stranger get his bike back, my best friend get her phone back(on light rail, oh geez) and I had to chase down a guy on light rail to get my own backpack he swiped off of me and tried to hop off with, but I screamed and yelled so he threw it back in a fit. Its our fault they want to steal, thats how they see it when it goes down. Since all this has happened, I’ve been grateful to never want to steal or pocket anything off of anyone, I’ve never even pocketed someones lighter. 😀

    1. herapereira says:

      Lol. You are very brave chasing down those thieves. I don’t think I could ever do that. The feeling of self preservation run too deep for me to do more than yell “thief! Thief!’ You should trust people, but just expect that they can disappoint you. They are human. So are you. Thanks for reading. No more thief chasing…..really.

  3. anashayne says:

    Also, I love reading what you write. I love your opinions, and your truly kind heart.

    1. herapereira says:

      Thank you for reading. Love yours too. As for my truly “kind” heart, I have a battalion of people that would most likely disagree, but thank you for the compliment.

      1. anashayne says:

        Well, I like what you have to say, and I respect honesty, and you seem more kind with your words than I ever care to be. So I stick to that. 🙂

      2. herapereira says:

        ok. lol. Thank you.

  4. iomogekofo says:

    Would I ever 4get the day I came home 2 see our house upside down and 4bags packed….Mum was sitting in d living room staring herself when I walked in.
    She left d church b4 time just 2 get sumtin @ home, while she was coming in through the front door, the guys ran out through the back door, leaving everything behind….they had entered through the manhole in d ceiling and had used d key placed in d back-door lock 2 get out…
    Thank God nothing was taken but what touched me most was my first laptop which I bought in 2003..IT was a big deal cos I used all I had 2 buy it, the thieves had packed it, and while running away hurriedly, they left it by the door(thank God o)…mum saved d day.
    I also remember when I had 2 attend a burial in Ibadan, on getting 2 d venue, my uncle asked me to remove my gold jeweries and put em in my purse cos the entrance was crowded.
    I also put the money on my in d purse, (poor me) when I was seated @ d venue, I realised my purse was no where 2 b found again… I felt like dying…I practically wept @ d venue, guess if the thief was watching, he woulda just returned my purse..I was looking that helpless.

    can’t remember any other episode except 4 stories when I went off 2 school.
    The only painful experiences I have had is me misplacing my things….I left my phones in taxis to many times….right now I just second check any car am getting off from 2 b sure nothing is left behind.

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