Are people that are small of stature overly sensitive?

Hello, I am Back!!!! Who missed me? No….seriously….. who missed me?……..No one? really? Really??? Eh hen……..ok o
I am sorry, I have been AWOL for a while. My bad. 6 days without an update feels like forever. But hey! I am still here.The world has not been over run with Zombies yet, so for that reason, I must say things are splendid.
I apologize to all those who sent me mails that I am yet to respond to . E ma binu(don’t be angry). Will get on it. But seriously, is anyone going to send me a happy mail? A random mail filled with humour? A random mail dashing me 100 grand? Not those stupid spam that I get everyday about some money in some account that only I can get, but honest to God cash. But Seriously? Does anyone fall for those scams still? Seriously?

Now that I am done rambling, I am going to address an issue that has been on my mind for a while. Been chatting with a friend of mine who is really petite but happens to be one of the most aggressive people I have ever met. Her reason? People disrespect her because of her height, so she has to make up for what she lacks in height with aggression. Yeah she thinks being called short is wrong, so I won’t use the word short. (I think “fat” is incorrect so to each his own)

There are a lot of people who are of small stature who feel this way (notice my non-usage of the word “short”) Since school days, the smaller guys or girls were always very quick with their tongues. They seem to feel that people tend to ‘belittle’ them because of their height. I don’t know. I am not in their shoes, but I have never met a person of smaller stature and thought “Hey, Ha Ha. U small. I can kick your butt. Ha Ha” I don’t think people really even think that way, except you are a bully.


I have to confess that I grew up with a stereotype about people with small stature. I assumed that they were all aggressive. Life and exposure have taught me how wrong I was. There are a lot of people who are not bothered with the height stereotype and are not always on the defensive. Still, I have met a lot of people who feel the need to ‘defend’ their stature.
big where

Here, short and hopefully sweet. share your views. Do you think that people with smaller stature are overly sensitive and as a result a tad bit aggressive. Are you rolling your eyes at my attempt at political correction by using small of stature instead of ‘short’? Am I stereotyping? and most Importantly……………


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  1. naijabrit88 says:

    I don’t think that such aggression is limited to short people. I’ve been used to the stereotype so much that if I encounter someone who isn’t tall and is showing aggression, it is easy for me to automatically think that height is involved. Of course it isn’t though.

  2. priscilla says:

    I misssssssssssed uuuuu(noticd I stressed d wrd missed)nw seriously I fink ppl who r short r a lil bit agressv v met a lot,thy dnt lik bn tkn fr grantd n any lil thin thy tll u dnt bla bla bla,is it cus of my height,oh well I I dnt blame,whr I stay I v ppl look dwn on me cus am slim n nt gv me d respect I am due(iiiiiisssh,angry jus finkn bout it),and dt has made me aggressv too!

  3. livelytwist says:

    Ha, ha… loved the cartoon- being short, … the problem that can be easily rectified with a ladder… 🙂 I haven’t had a lot of experience with people with smaller statures, but in my view, humour may be more effective than aggression.

    What I have noticed though is that men with smaller statures, tend to marry ‘giant’ wives. Hera, that’s a theme worth your blogging about?

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