Eid Mubarak.

Hello everyday. The Ramadan is finally over. Eid Mubarak. It seemed to have gone very quickly. Seems like only yesterday it began. I promise to make it up to all my readers by writing some thrilling articles. Fortunately, I have/had some wonderful ideas during my hiatus. Unfortunately, I had them while I was asleep so I have forgotten most of them. How do I know they were wonderful? I woke up remembering I had a good idea for an article, only I couldn’t remember what the idea was. Genius me right?

So what was I up to this past 30 days? Well, other than the sober reflection bit, I took out time to watch all the Harry Potter movies (childish giggle). It was absolutely thrilling watching all 8 movies again (well, 7, I was unable to download Harry and the Half Blood Prince), but I made up for it for reading up each and every character I could remember on the Harry Potter Wiki. As much as I loved the Deathly Hallow 2, reading the original ending of the final Harry Potter and Volde…you know who’s fight scene, I felt absolutely cheated. They should have kept the book’s ending!!!! who do I sue?

Then there was this whole child marriage debacle in my country which has led me to one conclusion. People only use social media for chatting and passing on rumors. The level of ignorance surrounding this whole matter and passing of lies and half-truths almost made me break my sober reflection promise and write something on it……almost. I consoled myself with educating some people on my Blackberry. This issue still makes me mad. Maybe I would write on it one day. Maybe.

Well, I am back. The clock in my head is still wired to being awake in the early hours of the morning. Hence this late post. Hopefully, it would fix itself soon. Miss having a good night sleep.

Well dear readers, I am sure I was missed. I wasn’t? really? REALLY??? AVADA KEDAVA!!!!!!!


Just kidding…..I think. Eid Mubarak everyone

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