‘Happy’ Independence day Nigeria…….

Well we are 53. Hurray for us………… I think.

There is a growing sense of defeat and indifference about the future of the country. Even an ever optimistic me had a hard time coming to my beloved country’s defense. My husband has since given up expecting any positive change in our lifetime but I refuse to believe that. Even my husband’s friend and my major ally in the ‘Nigeria go better’ stance has switched camp and gone over to the dark side. He just returned from Nigeria from his leave and he is severely disillusioned. He is now supporting the move for a division of the country. I couldn’t even put forward a convincing argument for ‘one Nigeria’ (I must be losing my touch. Redundancy should be illegal)

Despite all our problems and complaints, it was still heart warming to see a great show of patriotism by Nigerians for Nigeria. From BB to Facebook to Twitter, every one acknowledged the day (Note the careful use of the word ‘acknowledged’, not celebrated). We are very much aware that we have a long way to go and a lot of things to fix, but Nigeria is still home and we love her any ways.

SO I don’t know if today is truly a happy independence day or not, but I didn’t hear of any bomb blast or terrorist attacks, so I guess it is a ‘happy day’ sort of.

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