I am a Mummy!

I am a Mummy!

‘Wow Hera, that was not very subtle.’
‘I Know I am just excited. Me a mummy. So weird.’
‘You do realize you are carrying on a conversation with yourself and typing it too.’
‘Huh…………right. Sorry’

Well, if you have not figured it out by now, I just gave birth to the most adorable baby girl. She is the reason behind my erratic blogging. Yeah, I know I never mentioned it all these nine months, It is kind of African Nigerian thing to keep such things under wraps (like one can actually keep a nine month pregnancy under wraps, unless you live alone in a cave), but generally, you don’t talk about it until after (as my nephew says) the baby has POPPED!! I always thought it was silly and unnecessary. However, experience has taught me that it is actually a wise move.

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Do NOT tweet/post/blog about everything you THINK!!!!

The above title seems pretty obvious with “Duhhhh!!” being the appropriate response, but history has shown that people do not think before publicly posting what they think (ha ha! see what I did there). Case in Point, the girl of the moment ( and arguably the most hated woman on the internet….currently) Silly Justine Sacco. By now, you all have heard her tale. No? Well, Silly Justine Sacco, a PR Executive for Interactive Corp, was on her way to South Africa for the holidays and for some reason, felt the need to tweet this.


My first reaction to this was ‘You silly silly girl. You don enter am’ And I was right. Her tweet blew up all over the ‘twitter verse’ with over 3,000 retweets. Poor silly Justine Sacco couldn’t even take it down on time because she was already air-borne. The backlash was so bad that her company had to release a statement dissociating themselves from her. Did I mention she got fired? Well, she got fired.

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As the years ends for Hera Pereira…………..

As the year slowly comes to an end, I take a look back at my 11 month old baby blog. I started out with so much fire….. so much enthusiasm. I had a million things to write about. I was going to have a blast with this. I was going to be the best blogger ever! (did I hear someone cough) Somewhere along the line, the fire began to flicker out. Not because I lost my passion, Not because I didn’t even know what to post. Life simply interfered and made it very difficult to type down my many ideas and I really didn’t know how to write short quick posts. At a point, I became quite ashamed to visit my OWN blog. Ridiculous, I know. Maybe in 2014, I would learn to cease my incessant ramblings and simply get to the point………Maybe…………Probably not. I like to ramble.

At a point, someone suggested I post entertainment news since I couldn’t type. I remember thinking, what would then make me stand out from the 5 million or so bloggers already covering the Entertainment section. It is not as if I can get the news before they do. What would make me different? I didn’t just want to be part of a crowd. I want to create a place for me. Where I rule. I may never get the hundred of thousands of daily clicks doing what I do, but at least I would like doing it. Nothing more important than loving what you do, and not just what people expect you to do.

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The Rush to Obodo Oyinbo 2; I still don’t Understand

It has been 40 days since my last post. The reason behind my erratic posting shall be explained shortly………..(smiles a mysterious smile full of mystery….)
(360x640 Crappy End to the Series.
Remember a few months ago, I posted about a young man who wanted to travel to give an agent 5,000 dollars to get him a three-year work permit? You can read on that here. I have not followed up on that anymore because it seems as if the young man is now interested in being an agent himself. His BB status now reads ‘2 year visa to Turkey, Employment guaranteed. If not, money returned.” I am/was extremely curious as how one who, just a few months ago, was struggling with a decision to travel abroad and has not even confirmed the legitimacy of his own arrangement would be pushing others to come and risk their money based on someone’s words. However, I have refrained from asking him as I do not wish to get involved and entangled in whatever scheme he is cooking up. It is none of my business and I no wan know.

Why did I bring this up again? Quite recently, I heard the gist about a young lady (OND holder) brought here to work as a house maid. That’s right, a HOUSE MAID. Now, as welcoming and as nice as I have found Arabs to be, they don’t have the best records when dealing with their foreign domestic help. Every once in a while, there is a report about a house maid who commits suicide because of the treatment from her employers; their passports are usually seized and their salaries can barely sustain them, more less sending home to their families. This young LITERATE girl (who must have paid a lot of money to come here) decides to sign a contract tying her down for two years. Not only that, that same contract forbade her from having interactions with anyone. Who signs a thing like that? When billions are not involved. As expected, she wants help getting out, which may not have been so difficult as Bahrain authorities are very sensitive about the house-girl/slavery issue and may make her employers release her, but the young lady STILL wants to remain in the country. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Continue reading