The Rush to Obodo Oyinbo 2; I still don’t Understand

It has been 40 days since my last post. The reason behind my erratic posting shall be explained shortly………..(smiles a mysterious smile full of mystery….)
(360x640 Crappy End to the Series.
Remember a few months ago, I posted about a young man who wanted to travel to give an agent 5,000 dollars to get him a three-year work permit? You can read on that here. I have not followed up on that anymore because it seems as if the young man is now interested in being an agent himself. His BB status now reads ‘2 year visa to Turkey, Employment guaranteed. If not, money returned.” I am/was extremely curious as how one who, just a few months ago, was struggling with a decision to travel abroad and has not even confirmed the legitimacy of his own arrangement would be pushing others to come and risk their money based on someone’s words. However, I have refrained from asking him as I do not wish to get involved and entangled in whatever scheme he is cooking up. It is none of my business and I no wan know.

Why did I bring this up again? Quite recently, I heard the gist about a young lady (OND holder) brought here to work as a house maid. That’s right, a HOUSE MAID. Now, as welcoming and as nice as I have found Arabs to be, they don’t have the best records when dealing with their foreign domestic help. Every once in a while, there is a report about a house maid who commits suicide because of the treatment from her employers; their passports are usually seized and their salaries can barely sustain them, more less sending home to their families. This young LITERATE girl (who must have paid a lot of money to come here) decides to sign a contract tying her down for two years. Not only that, that same contract forbade her from having interactions with anyone. Who signs a thing like that? When billions are not involved. As expected, she wants help getting out, which may not have been so difficult as Bahrain authorities are very sensitive about the house-girl/slavery issue and may make her employers release her, but the young lady STILL wants to remain in the country. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I still don’t understand the rush to travel abroad and I probably never will. I know Nigeria is in a huge mess (still love her anyways) and we have a lot of things to sort out, but if you are going to risk your life and your money to travel to a foreign land. At least, let it be worth it na. Life is too short to get embroiled in modern-day slavery, or working way way WAY below your qualifications just to get food on your table. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

And for those agents scammers who are taking advantage of desperate men and women and giving them false hope, God is watching you o.

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