The Trials of Fatimah- the struggles of an orobo Part 3

Sorry, it has been so long since the last Fatimah update.

Excerpts from last post
“You are very pretty, Fatimah’
“No, I am not” Darn it. Me and my big mouth. A boy calls me pretty and I go ahead and deny it. Genius me, but thankfully he goes on
“Nah you are pretty. In a chubby way. And I like Chubby. Want to have lunch here tomorrow, same time?

At this point, I was speechless. He called me chubby. Not fat, not orobo, but chubby. I think I am in love. I nod my acceptance and he smiled again, shook my hand and left.

I have a date. Me! Fatimah Yusuf has a date. I am finally part of the rush. Woohooo!!!! I need another plate of rice. I cannot contain my excitement! Tomorrow is so far away.

    June 28 2005

‘That’s not a date’
“of course it is.’
No, it is not. He said “want to have lunch tomorrow”. that doesn’t make it a date jo’

That’s Ngozi. Trying to ruin my one good moment. I had told my room mates about my date when I got back to the dorm. While Stella was excited for me (Stella is an amazing roomie, even though she did pour my miracle weight loss formula away); Bose was indifferent.(I can’t blame her. She had a lot of boys on her case. I personally think it is only because of her “assets” because I found her rather plain looking…..or maybe its my beef talking), but Ngozi took it quite personal. She decided to analyze the circumstances and the words spoken to decipher if it was truly a date. According to her, the tone did not indicate a romantic overture, the school café is the most inappropriate place for a date as it was too public and the third unspoken reason(in my head at least was that she felt that I was too fat for anyone to want to go on a date with) I was getting mad, as she kept pushing but I knew I had the perfect come back

‘So when Oke invited you for the weekend and you didn’t let us hear word about the date, but it turns out that two of his friends and their girlfriends were also there. Then, according to your analogy, it was not a date either since it was not romantic enough as four other people were there abi. Didn’t the boys share one room and the girls shared another?’

Ngozi didn’t say a word and just glared at me. Trouble maker Stella grinned and turned to Ngozi with an “eh heh answer naaa” expression. I noticed Bose suppressing a smile before returning to her favorite blank expression. Ngozi eventually conceded that My lunch will be termed a date as long as we all agreed that hers was also a date. It always feels good to win a round. We all agreed that both of our scenarios were dates even though only mine was (Grown up me is now wondering whether we didn’t have better things to do or talk about. A date or not a date. It all seems so childish now)

So I got dressed for my lunch date with Tade. I wore my most flattering outfit (at least I assume it was flattering. It was all black and just loose enough that it doesn’t look like I was hiding 6 refugees under the outfit, and it did not hug my “wonderful curves”. I just kept thinking how many black outfits I would have to buy if I and Tade started dating on a regular (Yes, I realize that I got ahead of myself, but you cannot understand). Spent a long time on my hair and makeup. I wanted to look gorgeous but not overly dressed. It is the school cafeteria after all. The last thing I needed was extra ‘negative’ attention.

‘Fatimah, there you are!’
I turned excitedly at the familiar voice. My date has finally arrived. Sure he was wearing another ugly ugly ugly (emphasis three times now) shirt, but that was okay. Sure he was 25 minutes late and I had probably smeared my lipstick having ordered my first plate of rice and stew (not my fault. I was hungry. Plus I didn’t want people to know I was waiting for someone), but that was okay. Sure he arrived with another fat girl but that w……..Wait What????

“Fatimah, meet my sister, Foluke’

Now I don’t know if other fat girls do this, but I have a habit of comparing (abi is it consoling myself) with other fatter girls. You know ‘At least, I am not this fat, or this black or this poorly dressed”. At least I don’t have the fat people smell” comparison. It always made me feel better about myself. After all, I was still under 100 kg. Now Foluke was everything in one package. She looked like she was 150 kg, black as sin and wore the most God awful outfit which did absolutely nothing for her figure.

‘Foluke, meet my friend Fatimah. She is also a jambite like you. Tade continued. Foluke mumbled her greetings and so did I. This date was not going according to plan at all.

‘So Fatimah, have you eaten yet?’
(I was still hungry)
‘Cool. The meal is on me’.(hurray). What would you like?
Anything really. Not too hungry (Ha ha See what I did there. Good girlfriend material oo)
Ok. Foluke. What would you like?
Rice, Chicken, Fish, and Coleslaw
. (Glutton…..Yeah I was a big hypocrite)
Coming right up’ Tade got up to get our order. He turned and smiled “You know you girls look alike’. With that parting shot, he left. I felt as though he had given me a heavy blow on the chest. My whole world was shattered in that instant. Look alike? Look Alike!!!! With her!! This has to be one of the devastating moments in my life (though in retrospect, I was stupidly vain without even a solid reason). There was a long awkward silence as we both waited for Tade to return. I was too devastated at the thought that he thought I looked like his 150kg sister. I thought he said I was pretty.

Eventually he returned with our meal. I was not too devastated to eat though. Food has always been my biggest comforter. At a point, Foluke excused herself to get more. As soon as she was out of sight, Tade leaned in and whispered

“My sister has been having a hard time. Her roommates are absolute monsters to her. She has no friends. I am hoping you can do me a favor and take her under your wings. You have this confidence that she doesn’t . When I saw you yesterday, I knew you would be a perfect friend for her, considering you are as chubby as she was. (Gunshot to my Brain).I would really appreciate it.
This was the worst day of my life. How will I face my roommates now? How will I face Ngozi?

Tune in next time to find out more about Fatimah and let us have your opinion on her tale so far. Do you want to read more from Fatimah?

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  1. nnenna says:

    Tade should be s**t in the head, how could he? Arrrrrrrgh!!!

  2. priscilla says:

    Choi I can’t wait to read more,I laffed so hard!d guy no try I thot he was into her lol

  3. Jen says:

    Lmaoooo! Ah! Date of life!

  4. idee says:

    Imagine! That useless Tade just busted ur bubbles

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