Open Letter to Aida Zoe

So my little BeeBee is 2 weeks and 4 days now (Feels way longer) It has been an interesting learning experience. Good news! I am 10kg down already. Hurray (No, I am not exercising or dieting or deliberately trying to lose weight yet. I am vain but I am not that vain). I am eating well so the baby eats well. So imagine when I start putting in some real efforts. (I have 7kg of pre pregnancy weight and 10 kg of pre Bahrain weight to lose in 2014). I gat time.

I am really so blessed. Sure, this has been a very frustrating period and I have thought of ingenious ways of killing my husband, hiding the body in the desert somewhere and collecting his life insurance (If he has one). Let’s just blame hormones. But my little one is perfect. She is so active and loves to play with her hands. She hates being swaddled and has the most adorable sleeping position. She doesn’t cry at all. She fusses when she wants to be changed or fed and just stay calm afterwards. She takes her baths, injections and massages without a whimper. My mum says I was like that (I doubt it). Everyone says she looks like me now. I can’t really tell, but if she does, I must be STUNNING.

Musing done. I came across this amazing poem on the blog of a good friend of mine. It really got to me. It is something I and I am sure billions of women around the world can relate to. You can check out her blog “Through my eyes” at The poem was aptly titled “I am waiting for you” but since it is the season for open letters in Nigeria, I am going to title it here “Open letter to Aida Zoe’. Enjoy. Hold a hankie.

I don’t talk about you to anyone. I don’t let on the fact that I miss you and I am waiting for you.

Your name ‘Aida-Zoe is the password for some official documents. I can’t wait for you to get here.

The love I know I will have for you is going to be so powerful, I have already imagined how attentive I will be to ALL your needs.

I have made plans for all the cities of the world I want to show you, I have made plans for all the things we will create together.

I cannot wait to show you off to everyone and say that is my…

I know you are going to be awesome. I know I will be so proud of you when you accomplish all you want to do in life.

Truth is, I don’t fret or worry about you like everybody else around me. I know you will come!

You are smiling at me, I can feel it. I already feel your love even though you are nowhere in sight. But like your name implies, you are noble.

You are not Faith talk, you are not my fantasy, you are real. ‘Realer’ than the air I breathe now even though I cannot feel you.

No one will love you like I will. No one will protect you like I will. No one will be firm with you like I will be. No one will tell you the truth more than I will.

I promise that I will always give you Truth & Love

I will be your rock, I will be your human strength, I will pray for you, I will hold you when you are blue, nothing will touch you through me.

Everything I do is for you. All of the sleepless nights, all of what I have endured is for you.

I know you will be just too good to be true.

I am already blessed with the wealth of knowing you will come. There is NOTHING anyone can say different.

My Joy, My love, My heartbeat, My deliciousness, My everything!

No matter how long it takes my darling, I will be waiting for you.

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