Three weeks and counting………. Party Planning commences

My Beebee is three weeks old today. Hurray. She marked the day by being miserable all afternoon. Such a champ. She didn’t cry or fuss when being held, but as soon as she is put down, she becomes really uncomfortable. I Was very worried even though my mother in law assured me it was normal. Am guessing it is gas (Spent a good deal of the afternoon rocking her with one hand and googling baby related articles with the other). I kept giving her gripe water hoping to relieve her (Please mothers, does that really work?) We ended up putting her on her stomach (Even though that scared me because all the baby sites advocate that babies be put to sleep on their backs) and she was finally able to sleep. (Typing this as quickly as I can before I jinx it and she wakes up)<


So I have scheduled a date for my baby dedication/party. And if you have read my post on child dedication almost gone awry , you would realize it is kinda a big deal…..for me at least. I have been planning it for two years. I have gone through all the details in my head, all the things I want to do, what I would wear, what she would wear, what I would cook blah blah blah. I have planned for so long that I am absolutely….. 100 percent certain that it is NOT going to go as planned, because it NEVER ever does. I don’t know if I over plan things or my expectation is way too high. I feel like a bridezilla or is it a Mummyzilla?

The event is February 14th, a good month away and I am already making a shopping list, picked the baby’s outfit (which may not even fit by then) and worrying about little details. I am sleep deprived and I am here worrying about an event 30 days away. You can’t completely blame me though. If you read the above post, you would realize that things can go ‘sour’ really quickly in certain events, so it is necessary to worry and plan….and worry. Deep breaths Hera. I really would like to make some unique meals I have learnt (and hopefully perfected) the past year, but I have never cooked for more than 15 people at a time, so I don’t know my cooking skills for large amount of people. Will it be bland? Will there not enough seasoning? Will they hate it? Am I over thinking things again? AAArrggghhhhhhhh

hair tearing
Anyways, I will keep you all updated on how the day goes. I will make a conscious effort to focus more on sleeping and my little BeeBee than worrying about how a party turns out, but I have a reputation to maintain. (I make a lot of mouth so I gat to deliver. Me and my big mouth)

So any tips on how to plan a rocking party with ease would be most welcome

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  1. priscilla says:

    Dnt knw hw to plan a rockn parry am more of a go wiv d flow kinda gal!buh I cn tell u a few remedies to hlp wiv d colic,my angel is 3mnths old had her oct 1st I knw Nigeriana thingz(her nick name) n she was really colicky as in I worry bad, my ist kid wasn as bad as hers n thn ppl cm wiv thr diff remedies n thy all wrked,to cure colic d trad way buy kafura pelebe n konofuru put in a bottle of clean water n let her drink it d nxt dayn(put 2 kafura pelebe o)wen d bottl finshes mk anoda)the oldre d better,fr d eng way jus buy infacol inshrt eh ur pickin go dey mess wiv ease,reduce tummy ache n she will slp all nyt unless she is hungry,and oh sleepn on their tummy mks thm slp longer.(My kids)

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