Rant- I am no Super mom!!!

Hello everyone, a few days ago, I wrote a short piece titled ‘I don’t get religion’. While I was extremely careful not to bash any religion, I guess just writing about religion in any light that is not 100 percent positive is controversial (as I feared). While I did get a lot of positive feedbacks, comments and likes, I had to take it down because someone whom I greatly respected, asked me to. Now I was very resentful at the request for two reasons. First, I didn’t write anything negative and secondly, I felt as if it was a sort of censorship for my blog. However, my respect was greater than my indignation. So I took it down. Of course the person spent the next couple of days trying to ‘educate’ me on why I should get religion. Wonderfully, the ‘education’ went beyond emphasis on faith and focused on logic and rationality, so I guess I got something out of it.

Long Preamble. sorry….back to my Rant.

My BeeBee turned a month yesterday………..Yeaaahhhh! I finally broke down…….Nayyyyyy!

I thought I was ready for motherhood. I read all the books, all the articles, everything on dealing with newborns and avoiding common pitfalls. I guess I didn’t bank on having other people to look after as well. Two days after returning home, I was back to household duties and I was irate. The incision still hurt and moving around was difficult. The first two weeks drained me mentally and physically. Of course BeeBee was perfect and could do no wrong, but I did have severe homicidal thoughts towards the hubby. However, as much as I hate to admit it, the strain helped me recover very quickly. I have been feeling great. Three hours of sleep at night…no biggie. Making breakfast, Lunch and dinner for hubby and his mother….Piece of cake. Making the house presentable for visitors…..forget about it. I am super mom….I could do it all

super mom

Except I am not super mom. #sadface

exhausted mom

Shocking right? I know. How can Hera not be super mom. It is a travesty. My body let me know that it was beyond exhausted. It all began with a mild headache. No biggie….pop some pills….lie down for 30 minutes…….it will go……… Not a Chance! It got really bad that i felt that they was re-enacting a scene from the movie ‘Drum line’ in my head. I went to lie down only to realize that my temperature was rising and I was terribly terribly cold. If I was back home, I would have immediately assumed it was malaria and taken anti-malaria drugs (We do have a terrible habit of self medication). It was a truly miserable day for me. I had to move the baby out of her cot and to my bed as My legs were numb and I couldn’t move. I cannot believe my body could betray me this day (After all I have done for you. All the cake, ice cream and yoga that I have given you. Terrible). Anyways, I was able to get a solid rest. Woke up feeling much better, only to discover a disaster with the washing machine, a messy house and everyone hungry.

hair tearing

Is there a super drug for mummies out there? Hera needs it. Don’t say exercise. I want a magic pill, or magic cake or magic ice cream, Hell, I would settle for magic spinach -popeye style or a radioactive mummy boosting spider right now.


Not much of a rant, but this is a very long post considering how exhausted I am. Didn’t get any sleep last night. BeeBee is not feeling too good. I am told its normal. Bonus is BeeBee doesn’t cry. When she is uncomfortable, She just squirms and has the most miserable face, it breaks my heart. I can’t wait for it to pass. Meanwhile, here is a picture of my Beebee at one month.
IMG-20140122-00397 Huge Cheeks just like her mother. I was recently told I had weird cheeks. Guess my BeeBee has my weird cheeks too.

Going to sleep now that I have the chance. Good night everyone. God bless mothers. E no easy.

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  1. priscilla says:

    U r nt supposd to b wrkn madame @ ds point u nd to REST or u will break dwn

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