Past birthday Selfies 2009-

11.12p.m It is still my birthday!!!!!!!!! (stolen from Dexter’s lab). Birthdays has always been a big deal to me and I have tried to mark it or the other………….save for this year. I was too tired from Beebee’s party to do anything significant. So I decided to share birthday selfies of the last 5 years.(well almost all were selfies. Who invented the word ‘selfies’ anyways. it sounds really silly to say)




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Beebee’s party in a few ………….

Hello everyone. It has been a while. Big shout to all mothers o. Today is Beebee’s party. It was initially scheduled for the 14th of February but a number of things came up. Mother in law left earlier than expected leaving me seriously overwhelmed. Also, it happened to be the anniversary of the Bahraini uprising, so there was a lot of security on the street.

The party commences in a few hours. I spent all of yesterday prepping. Beebee was no help and demanded my attention all day. Ended up shuffling between the kitchen and the room every 30 minutes (In retrospect, it did give me some breathing time and prevented me from being overly tired with the kitchen duty) I have a vision of how I wish the day to go but knowing how life is, it would probably not go my way at all. My husband has ordered me not to even attempt to micro manage things and to sit my butt down all through the party even if the house is on fire. (forgot to ask if I could get up for pictures)

So there you have it. will give a follow up on how the day goes. I hope I do get to have some fun. Sincerely hope my madam co-operates. Everyday I have to google a new way to put her to sleep. No method works for more than a day. (Currently typing with one hand as she is asleep on the other. Going to be a long day.

Weight loss after baby- Dealing with insensitive remarks.

Hey everyone. Its been a while. Beebee turned seven weeks yesterday (They grow up so fast) and I am down an astonishing 13.4kg. Almost 30 pounds in 7 weeks. That is an insane number for me. I wish I could take credit for it and say I have been eating right and exercising, but honestly, I did nothing. The baby weight is just falling off. Just 9 more pounds to pre pregnancy weight.
I shared the weight loss on my Blackberry status. I got a message from an old acquaintance, desperate to know how I did it. She gave birth three months ago and she has lost very little weight. She said her husband constantly berates her for still being fat, calls her lazy and compares her to other women who has recovered their body quicker. She is considering tying her teeth or going on a diet (face palm). Did I mention she is nursing and considering this. She is really having a miserable time and suspects cheating.

Honestly, I don’t know what to tell her. Some men seriously lack empathy. Taking care of a newborn as well as fulfilling all your other duties as a wife is not easy. As someone who is ‘concerned’ (I don’t wish to use the word ‘obsessed’) about weight gain, I totally understand how she feels. This
That brings me to today’s issue. Naturally, since I am unapologetic-ally vain, is a period where she ought to be focusing on her little one and enjoying her precious gift. She should not be made to feel unattractive and obese. Now I am not advocating that she sits on her hands and gain oodles of weight, but it has only been three months. It took nine months to gain the baby weight. Surely it would take some time to get them all off.

Now I am no dietician or gynecologist, but I do know tying your teeth or dieting while nursing is a bad bad bad idea. You can make healthier food choices that would benefit you and your baby, but no fad diet biko. As for your hubby, well I don’t have anything nice to say so I will say nothing at all. Please research. There are safer, better and healthier ways to lose weight after a baby and honestly, weight loss should not even be a priority (I can’t believe I just wrote that, considering how much I would love to lose my baby weight and more). Baby first. Just remember your baby eats what u eat, so imagine what your baby would have to eat if you were to tie your teeth or go on a fad diet. Then again, I am no expert.

Please, people with better advise, please drop a comment. Sometimes, you wonder why one was born a woman. We seem to have the cards stacked against us at every turn.