Beebee’s party in a few ………….

Hello everyone. It has been a while. Big shout to all mothers o. Today is Beebee’s party. It was initially scheduled for the 14th of February but a number of things came up. Mother in law left earlier than expected leaving me seriously overwhelmed. Also, it happened to be the anniversary of the Bahraini uprising, so there was a lot of security on the street.

The party commences in a few hours. I spent all of yesterday prepping. Beebee was no help and demanded my attention all day. Ended up shuffling between the kitchen and the room every 30 minutes (In retrospect, it did give me some breathing time and prevented me from being overly tired with the kitchen duty) I have a vision of how I wish the day to go but knowing how life is, it would probably not go my way at all. My husband has ordered me not to even attempt to micro manage things and to sit my butt down all through the party even if the house is on fire. (forgot to ask if I could get up for pictures)

So there you have it. will give a follow up on how the day goes. I hope I do get to have some fun. Sincerely hope my madam co-operates. Everyday I have to google a new way to put her to sleep. No method works for more than a day. (Currently typing with one hand as she is asleep on the other. Going to be a long day.

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