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On Sunday 6th of April, My heart, as well as millions and millions of Wrestling fans’ hearts, was crushed. For some reason the WWE decided that the streak of the Undertaker had to end at all. For some reason, it decided it was not going to be 22-0 but 21-1.

The reaction on all our faces

Every wrestling fan knows that for the past 21 years at WrestleMania, the Undertaker….the phenom….the dead man wins. It is the highlight of the event. We have come to expect it. Yea, there is an element of predictability, but the matches are always awesome and there is always plenty of heart stopping moments where we think OMG he might just lose it, but he never does. Until…….. 2014 that is. I think what bugs people the most is who he lost it to. Brock Lesnar, a wrestler who left the WWE, badmouthed them when he was away, returned after being offered a huge sum of money and then wrestles 3 pay per views a year. He just was not worthy to break the streak. He didn’t deserve it.

However, I do realize that the dead man isn’t as young as he used to be. I do realize he is very sick. Age and numerous injuries have taken its toll on him. We will never know for sure if he intended for Brock Lesnar to end the streak or he was just too weak to carry on. Different stories abound. Personally, I always felt he should have stopped at 20. The end of an era match and the three wrestlers (Triple H, Shawn Michael and the Undertaker) walking out, supporting each other was perfection and was, in my view, ruined by the CM Punk 21-0, but that’s water under the bridge.

I pondered what WrestleMania would be like without the streak. However, I was treated to the most exciting Raw I have ever seen in a long time, Paige winning diva title, Cesaro, the king of swing with Paul Heyman and the new war between the Authority and the shield. It made me realize the Undertaker’s time has passed. He is a legend and would always be remembered for his amazing service, but it is time for the young blood. And if what I watched on Raw is a sign of things to come, this new era may just be awesome.

In other news, Rest in Peace Ultimate Warriorultimate_warrior

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  1. It seems odd that the Taker lost. He should have lost to Punk or Sting.

    1. herapereira says:

      Personally, it should have never ended. I don’t find anyone worthy, except maybe Kane because they have a history

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