It is my Birthday!!!!!

I was this close to allowing the day pass without a post. pheww. Exhausted beyond reason. my madam is not feeling too good. As a result, any idea or thought of celebration was abandoned. I am still happy though. She is feeling loads better.

So it is the last year of my 20s. How on earth did i allow that happen? How did I get so old? In my head, i am still a jolly 21. it’s still good. Even though i complain…..a lot, I really do love my life. I have great people who made me feel really special today. So while i intend to whine….. a lot about how I about to be 30(its my blog…I can whine as much as i like #tonugeout), I am thankful that I am older and wiser….ok maybe just older.

So there it is, i intend to play as much video games as i can this year… This is my last year of irresponsibility. I can’t imagine being 30 and still into video games. Nah. That’s the time for the knitting needles to come out (yeah i know its 30, not 70, but it feels the same)




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  1. livelytwist says:

    Happy birthday! Welcome to 30!

    1. herapereira says:


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