It is the season of politics……….tra la la la la la

Fellow Blogger- Aisha , na wa for you ooo
Me- huh? what did I do…..this time?
Fellow Blogger- I have not seen anything meaningful on your blog
Me -(affronted) Hey!!!
Fellow Blogger- You ought to be creating awareness about the forthcoming election and encouraging people to vote…………….
Me- oh….that kind of meaningful???hmmmmmm………………………then nope, I have not seen anything meaningful in MY blog either……..(askor)

The holidays have come and gone and the air is filled with the ‘excitement’ than only an election can bring. 75 percent of my Facebook friends have their status supporting or denouncing the presidential candidate… the incumbent GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan and the opposition running for the 3rd….4th time? General Muhammed Buhari. People ask me why I am not actively involved……

Define actively involved? I follow all the news, all the accusations and cross accusations. I have my voter card and I fully intend to vote. However, I have serious reservation about both candidates. The incumbent seems to have made things worse and the only serious opposition is a man with a checkered history who should have allowed someone younger and with more general goodwill run. So no, I am not going to campaign for any of them. My blog is not political…..or religious as my views are not usually mainstream….but I will vote. I have my eye on one professor lady of Kowa Party. I don’t know her name……She will definitely lose, but hey, she gets one more vote from me……

So sorry if my blog is not meaningful enough for you because I am not campaigning (askor). But I will encourage people to vote. That way, when you begin to complain about your leaders in the future, i will grant you a listening ear. Nothing is more annoying than someone who could vote but chooses not to, yet finds the time to complain about everything the government does……

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