HERA PEREIRA IS TWO YEARS OLD…… and only 104 posts young…..Yeah I deserve sweetchin music

Hello I am Hera (chorus – Hi Hera)…. I am a terrible blogger…….

I must have left down a lot of my readers. Who can blame them? My inconsistency is disgraceful…… If there was a blogging association, I will have been expelled and thrown in a dungeon filled with miniature kaijuns (yeah, I just watched Pacific Rim…..I really liked it……)

ok…Two years….My baby blog. I never did let you mature and reach your full potential. I goofed big time….but I took out time to do something special for you. I contacted some of the people who wrote to you and shared their life with you to see how they were doing. Didnt get through to all but the ones that responded…..boy have I gotten some juicy tales for you……

Happy two-year anniversary to me…..sigh…..I am a terrible blogger…..


SWEET CHIN MUSICsweet chin music property of WWE

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  1. livelytwist says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd year!

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